In need of some positive hope

In need of some positive hope

In need of some positive hope I have posted this on behalf of new user janiej

Hi All

I am new to all this and feeling very lost and scared at the mo seem to spend most of my time walking around in tears planning my funeral - my brief history is - was first dx with early stage BC in Sept 2000 - had loads of chemo, radio and a year of herceptin on its own - all went well for 6 1/2 years that then BANG after a routine CT scan this January was told I had “early” stage mets (spots (opposed to tumours not sure there is a difference) basically on my liver lungs and bones) - total shock no symtoms or anything was doing 4 gym classes a week with no problems, aches or pains!! - thank god for that routine scan though.

I have zolodex injections and Femura and the chemo I am having now is Taxol and herceptin 3 wks on 1 wk off - after two sessions had another ct scan which showed the spots on my lungs had all but gone and my liver was hugely improved as well so all in all a good response - I know its as positive news it can be for now but I just can’t shake off the possibility I am not going to be around for long - I have two beautiful children who are 11 and 7 and I want to see them grow up and enjoy their lives and I want to grown old with my hubby - is there anyone out there who is further down the line than me that can give me some hope and also what to expect in the future as I can imagine it is going to be hell of a roller coaster from here on in.

Many thanks

sounds just like me Hello
just to let you know i am going through pretty much the same situation as you. Perhaps you would like to read my 2 latest posts, you may find them interesting. Just go to all posts from carolm . Lots of love and prayers to you .X

keep positive Hi there
Sorry you have had to join us here with mets - I am 12 months down the line from mets diagnosis (original BC 2002) - it is such a shock especially when you don’t have symptoms - I too was very fit and active running and kick boxing and believed my pain to be a sports injury which turned out to be bone mets.

To begin with all my thoughts were negative and when I read articles or information especially on prognosis I always looked for the least positive aspects.

12 months on and on hormonal treatment I have become more philosophical - sure I still have down days - but have accepted my diagnosis and decided to make the most of whatever time I have left - really live for the moment - don’t fret about the past or worry about the future. (Easier said then done I know sometimes)

This forum and the people on it are an inspiration and you will find lots of ladies living many years from diagnosis.
Best wishes

Hi - I’m further down the line in that I was diagnosed with mets in lungs, bones and liver in 2003. I didn’t have any symptoms then and although I’m now having a course of taxotere for ‘developments’, I still don’t have any symptoms.

I’m planning to go on symptom-free for as long as I can (for ever if possible!) and trust you’ll be able to do the same.

I find I can now accept that I won’t be around as long as I had thought and try to enjoy what I have. Of course it’s easier some days than others and we all have ‘down’ days, but in 2003 I really didn’t think I’d still be here now and here I still am!

Janie This is a horrible time but I am sure that there are better times ahead. Keep in touch and we will give you all the support we can.