In the waiting room - again

Hi all,
Just recovering at home today from having surgery yesterday to remove a cyst/lump that had developed under my original lumpectomy scar from Dec 2009. As the lump was near the surface of the skin I had the surgery done under local anaesthesia, but it took a good hour and although I’m spared the post-general anesthetic tiredness, I think I’d have preferred to be out for the count. In all other respects the surgery was like the first time, so once more I have a sore boob covered with a lump of gauze and a large dressing and am feeling slighty spaced out thanks to the strong painkillers. Although the surgeon and radiologist both consider this should not be anything to worry about, I’ll have to wait for 2 weeks to get the histology results to be sure.
Feeling a distinct sense of deja vu right now and just hoping it turns out OK. Wish this wasn’t happening but staying positive. Just dreading walking into the consultant’s room for the results and seeing my BCN there, coz we all know what that means:(
Happy Easter to all, Becky.

Hi Becky - I know how you must be feeling - they keep you waithing for such important results which really is not fair.
Did you have chemo after the original lumpectomy?
Will cross my fingers and toes for you xxx

Hi Becky.

You’re brave, my lump was only 5mm under the skin, and I was knocked out.

What was the original surgery for removal of?

Hope you feel better soon…


Fingers crossed for clear results, Becky. Gentle hugs,
Angelfalls xx

Hi again,

To answer some questions…

My original diagnosis in Nov 2009 was IPC (intracystic papillary carcinoma)for which I had a lumpectomy in Dec 2009 followed by radiotherapy in Feb/Mar 2010. I was fortunate in that this is a slow growing, non-aggressive form of BC which had not spread to any lymph nodes, so I didn’t need chemo. I was offered tamoxifen, but as I have a history of thrombosis, I did not want to take this. My oncologist was comfortable with this as my prognosis is very good.

The area under my original scar has always been a bit lumpy and bumpy, but a couple of months ago I noticed it felt more like a discreet lump. I had this checked out at end of Feb and it looked like a cyst under ultrasound. Although not clinically concerned, my surgeon recommended it was removed and said it could be done under a local.

Apart from not having a general, everything else was the same, except you get to feel people rummaging around in your boob but can’t see anything as they screen you from the surgery. Have to admit, it wasn’t that pleasant as the local kept wearing off and had to have several top ups and you get to hear everything going on (snipping of scissors, tissue being cleared away by diathermy etc). I’m not squeamish, having a biomedical science backgound, but I must admit I’d prefer not to do it again. Still, I did get to say “Good riddance” to the offending blob of tissue in a pot before it was taken away.

Feeling bruised and itchy/prickly sore today, but no obvious signs of infection, so looks like it’s starting to heal nicely. It’s a lovely sunny day here in Cheshire, so I’m going to put this to the back of my mind for a few days and enjoy the Easter break. Will update again when more news.

Best wishes to all,