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The actor Debbie Chazen, who you may remember from the Doctor Who episode set on the Titanic, has written this wonderful account of the early days of her diagnosis. She was appearing in “Calendar Girls”, and baring all at the time.I thought it was worth sharing.Please move if it`s not in the appropriate place!

Thanks for that mimsy, it made a very good read. I could relate to a lot of the things she said.
I noticed it said part one. Please post part two on here when it becomes available.
Thanks, Debbie. xx

Thanks for the posting

Brilliant posting it relates to a lot of the things I went through as well I would just like to say I am cancer free now for 3 years just had my mammo and results last week and everything still ok thank god

A very good read. Thanks for the link.


Just like to say thank you to you Mimsy - A good read, marvellously written which had me laughing and crying all the same time, and so echoes everything I went through at the beginning as Debbie’s dx is the same as mine so far.

I too would be most grateful if you could post part 2 when it becomes available.
Thanku again and so thoughtful of you to share this.

Take care
Sue x

thanks for sharing.

really enjoyed reading that! thanks for posting
Debs xxx

Thank you so much for sharing.


Here she is, the magnificent Debbie Chazen, Part two from yesterday`s Independent, and thank you for the appreciative comments so far!

OOOOOoooops, here it is!Making the breast of things: Part two of Debbie Chazen's cancer diary | The Independent | The Independent

Wonderful article especially the last paragraph which was very moving and descriptive of what I and probably most of you have found whilst dealing with this disease.

phillippa x

Inspiring articles and full of humour,what a star Debbie is,thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Sandra x

Thanks for that, i read with much interest
K xx

excellent stuff
thanks for posting the links!