inavasive ductal breast cancer

hi i recently got diagnosed with invasive ductal breast cancer on 12th march 2014 first picked up from a mamogram then ultra sound then core biopsy the doctor couldnt feel the lump herself from just feeling ( cancer lump is the size a baked bean )  . on the 5th of march i had the core biopsy done and still today 15th march im  badly bruised ( whole side of right breast ) and have a long like sausage shape lump which wasnt there before ,i have been told its muscle healing , its slightly painful to touch and have had an ache under my arm since the biopsy .can anyone tell me if they have had the same and how long does it take to heal ? im due to see the surgeon on the 19th so will know more then . but just wanted a bit of advice before them … am i worrying to much ?? is this normal x

Hi Angel77

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Hi Angel77, I also had a core biopsy which caused terrible bruising which was all different shades of yellow and a hard lump from where the needle went in to where the lump was. The brushing lasted a good 3-4 weeks and the lump was still present 4 weeks later when I had my mastectomy.

Please don’t worry, this is normal.

Good luck and positive thoughts

Tracy XXXX

Hi, when I had my biopsy and I can honestly say that was more sore than my actual lumpectomy on the 13 February. I’ve been trying to use my arm as much as poss (not heavy lifting) and that has really helped with the aching. One month on and It nearly feels as good as new.
Good luck x