Inbetween biopsy and results.

I am very lucky to have been part of a trial to screen women under 50/older than 70. Called for first mammogram, recalled for 2nd screening. Had repeat mammograms, ultrasound and core biopsy on Monday. Consultant said they think I have early stage Breast Cancer. Biopsy results this Monday. I have tried not to Google- too much (!) I have found lots of hope/helpful info from reading everyone’s experiences and positivity. Got my coping head on but really scared. More worried for my children, husband and family.Hoping it will all have been a big mix up! Feel physically sick.

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Hi Sioux

I can really appreciate your thought processes - your body and mind goes into fight or flight mode. I was worried sick about my daughter and not me - in that I had some control over my family - as you feel like you now belong to a system with limited control over what is happening to yourself. The biopsies will provide a much more definitive answer, and I don’t know many professionals that would give a opinion without pathology results. Hang on in there - I found doing stuff in hourly type plans kept me busy when not working. This forum has some wonderful and brace ladies providing support. It is so positive that screening is picking up problems early. Let us know how you get on and feel free to let off steam.

Hi. Welcome to the waiting club but sorry that you have to be here. I find the waiting like most people here difficult. Be aware there is a lot of out of date info on the Internet but the info on this site including the publications is really informative, Macmillan too.

Best wishes on Monday and let us know how you get on.


well, thank goodness you were in the trial Sioux, as it sounds like it’s been picked up early. The screening has done its job.
Like you, my bc was picked up routinely & I had no idea.
This stage is always a shock & the mind does go into overdrive, but, as I now realise, treatment is very good these days & before long you will be getting on with your life.
Glad to see you’re avoiding google, if you need info then this site or macmillan are the best to go to.
take care
ann x

hi sioux, no problem! In addition to the routine investigations, I also had an mri scan as there was a suspicion of lobular bc, then ‘wide local excision,’ (wle) to remove it & sentinal node biopsy (snb) to check for any stray cells. Bc fully removed with clear nodes, followed by 15 sessions of radiotherapy, tamoxifen as my bc was er+ oestrogen positive.
My case was straightforward & had no problems or issues with treatment & I now feel back to normal. I will now be followed up for 5 years, so having come out the other side, I feel lucky.
It is quite normal to have bad days, but it does get better once the plan is in place & treatment starts.
ann x

just to add, S, recovery rates for early bc are amongst the best, with with the vast majority of women making a full recovery.

Thanks for everyone’s replies and support. I had a bit of a wobble the more this week went on and haven’t been online for a few days. I have my results, grade 1, oestrogen receptive, some of the details- like which kind it is went over my head a bit tbh! I’m having surgery 3rd Jan and then radiotherapy and medication for 5yrs, again I got a bit lost off with info there. I feel better after my diagnosis than I did waiting really. All a bit new BUT I am so grateful that this was picked up so early. I am so thankful for our wonderful NHS, thank you again ladies for your input. I’m going to get my head around this and come out smiling x

hi sioux,
So pleased you feel so positive as there is no reason not to be.
Do come back if you need or want to chat further.
ann x

Thanks ladybowler, I’ll have another look through the paperwork they gave me today. Going to get myself a notebook to write questions in. You seem to be coping really well with your treatment, that makes me hopeful that I too can be as positive as you. I’m sure it’s been tough at times but I’m glad you are finding ways to get through, I hope you have good support around you too. I hope the rest of your treatment goes well, will be thinking of you. Thank you so much for your response- talking to others who are in the same boat is really helping me see both hope and inspiration xxxx

I’m sorry to hear your news and I wish you well for your treatment. Lots of ladies here to help you through.

I’m still at the waiting stage and will be surprised now if my surgery is before Xmas.

Best wishes for the weeks to come.

Thanks Poppyfields, I hope your wait is soon over and your op goes well. I’m thinking I’d best learn the art of patience ( something I’ve never had too much of lol) Bought myself a notebook for questions today and folder for paperwork, also going to pack my kindle and iPlayer to help while away the time in waiting rooms ?. All the best for your treatment flower, be thinking of you. Having other people to talk to who are going through this experience is really helping me feel less alone. Thanks for your support xx

Hi. Yes, this forum is fab. I’ve been writing down questions too!!.. for the anaesthetist, the radiologist, the surgeon and then for the breast consultant when I get my results whether they are good or bad news!

I’m having my pre op on 21st Dec, no date for surgery yet, but I’m assuming it will be after Xmas.
Do you know when things start to happen for you?
I wish you much patience for the new year!!!
Stay in touch. Best wishes. Xx

Hi, You do right asking questions, knowledge is power I think. Always helps me in new situations to find out as much as I can. At least then we know what we’re up against.
I have my pre op assessment this Tuesday, surgery 3rd Jan. Was counting up how many work days I have before then today- gave me butterflies lol.
I hope you get some answers regarding your surgery at your pre op. The wondering and worrying seems ten times worse than the knowing doesn’t it?
How are you feeling in yourself? I had a bit of a low day yesterday but in work today I felt ok. Have you got plenty of support? I’ve only told a few people, not all of my children know yet. The youngest is home from uni on Fri. It’s a bloody game this cancer thing! Thankfully we can keep smiling, well mostly.
We’ll definitely keep in touch. Sending big hug your way flower xx

I agree knowledge is power and I like you find out as much as I can. I feel more in control that way.
I’m struggling with other conditions flaring at the moment which is taking my mind of this I guess to an extent but it’s nice being able to chat on this forum. Yes I’ve got support from a couple of close friends but hubby doesn’t really understand the plot currently. So will be interesting to see how he reacts if after surgery it is bad news.
So you’ve got your pre op on Tues and mine is Wed. I guess my surgery will be early Jan too. And then I will know what the verdict is once and for all hopefully.

Big hug your way too…stay in touch!! Xx

Morning Poppyfields, Just wanted to wish you well for your Pre Op today. Hope you get some more info on your surgery date and everything goes smoothly xx

Thank you!!! Hopefully will be straight forward. I’ll update later.

Hoping your ok flower. Xx

Sorry I missed this thread for some reason with my update!
Pre op was straight forward. How was yours, OK I hope?

It’s possible our surgery dates will be close together. The anaesthetist didn’t know but said breast ops are always prioritised and they are performing operations 27,28 and 29th next week. I was told by the breast unit that I would get a call a week before so I guess unless I get a call today it won’t be next week so maybe the same week as yours. We’ll see.

Hope you are able to enjoy Xmas.

Hi, Glad everything went smoothly, at least you now have some idea of poss dates too. My pre op went well. I asked some of the questions I had prepared. My BCN was a little rushed so didn’t get chance to ask them all lol .
I’m doing my best to get into the Christmas spirit, I’m trying the “fake it till you make it” approach ?! Hope you are feeling more settled now you, almost, have a date to aim at. You never know we could both end up being surgery day buddies. Sending you loads of Best Wishes for Christmas and hope that you too manage to enjoy the festivities ?Xxx