Inbetween diagnosis/surgery and starting chemo

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Is anyone else out there at the same stage as me? Had my lumpectomy on 19 oct, node clearance but HER2+ on 15 nov and now waiting for an appointment to come thru for oncologist?
Im so scared and really dont know what to expect - i feel ill and havent even had any treatment! lol

Jo, ALL of us know how you feel. Maybe not all of us have the same diagnosis as you or have had the same treatment, but we all know the abject terror of “the unknown” that faced us. Yet we faced it. And got through it. And dealt with all the crap that came along with it (with the help and support of those on here).

And so, I suspect, will you. But sit back for a moment and feel the warmth, as it will be sent to you from everyone who reads your first post, as we ALL know what you’re feeling.

(also HER2+)

Hi Jo,

This is the worst time, waiting! It’s awful, but will feel better when your treatment plan is in place. I’m at the end of my treatment now, just one more herceptin to go. It’s been a long and sometimes difficult journey. But, I’ve made a lot of good friends through the breast cancer care group and the ladies on here are tremendous. You’re not alone. Karen x

The waiting is the worst i to felt like you i was diagnosed on 3rd oct had wlx with full auxillary clearence on 9th nov just been for check up and only 1 node infected go and see oncologist on 8th dec its just like a roller coaster but you will be ok sounds like you have lots of support
sending you lots of hugs Suex

Hello Jo

I may not be at the same stage as you right now, but I have been and, just like everyone else has said, the waiting is the hardest of all, but you must trust us in that you will get through it just as we all have. I was diagnosed earlier this year and within 5 weeks of finding my lump I was having my mx with reconstruction. I finished my chemo 8 weeks ago now and have now had 7 of my 15 rads. My lymph nodes were clear and I will have my 5th of my 18 herceptin treatments this Tuesday. So, other than my herceptin, which is given every 3 weeks and won’t be finished until the end of August 2012, I am almost at the end of my treatment. It’s a long old haul, but you’ll make it with the support of your family, friends, colleagues and this website.

48,000 women in this country are diagnosed with breast cancer each year so you are not going through this alone so please don’t suffer in silence. Speak to your BCN and they will be with you every step of the way once you know what treatment you are going to have, as we will be.

Keep smiling, be positive and you’ll be fine

Take care


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Hey :))

Those lovely messages bought a tear to my eye - you ladies are going to be my rocks! xx


Hi all, I have been reading your experiences and realise that I am not alone in some areas. I was diagnosed on the 15th October. I had my op for Lumpectomy and bilateral breast reduction the on 28th October. The 22mm lump was removed clearly with no node involvement. Great ! I thought all is sorted and I have the preferred D cup as a nice extra to my “cure”. I have had wound healing problems since and a patch of skin has died. I am still doing my best with this. The tumour was hormone sensitive as well as HER2 pos. Suddenly Chemotherapy and radiotherapy have been discussed. I have been asking questions about staging and the system that is used to work out ones outlook. They came up with 3 for me. I don’t understand why it is so high when my cancer was totally excised. I suspect that my 73 years may have a lot to do with that. I suppose that I will have to go ahead with the chemo though I dread it and the Herceptin promises to be pretty awful too. Have any of you found Herceptin to be particularly horrid? Seeing the onco next week with decision.

Still no news on an appointment for me! Jesus it’s taking forever :frowning:

Hi Zigzag

I am on herceptin and had my 5th of 18 last week with no problems. I have another MUGA scan next Monday which will be my 3rd. I had very high readings in the 80s for my first two so hope that this one will be as good.

Please remember that herceptin is not a chemo drug, but it might be a good idea to ask about having a portacath inserted if there is any likelihood of your chemo drugs causing problems with your veins like mine did. A portacath makes life so much easier in getting blood samples out and herceptin and chemo drugs in.

I was told that the benefits of herceptin far outweigh the side-effects of herceptin, and any affect on your heart is very carefully monitored.

Good luck and hope that this helps you make your decision.

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