incapacity benefit thumbs up

Just thought I would mention that I started claiming incapacity benefit in May 2007. I was sent a form after a few weeks asking me how I was, I filled in having treatment for breast cancer. I received a letter back last week saying I didn’t need to send any more sick notes in I would automatically get the benefit. I was going back to work last week if I hadn’t got an infection. I know some ladies have had humilating experiences in haveing to justify the payment. Why is is so different in different areas? I was all geared up for a fight. Had the wind taken out of me sails!!! Love Eileen

Your very lucky eileen, i had an horrendous time with incapacity benefit, I recieved the benefit initally after by period of SSP ran out and had no problems, after about a month i thought i’d try the phased return to work…my local law centre actually advised me not to do this…but i thought…no i’m sure it’ll be ok…well,…i went back to work for about 4 hrs a week…you are entitled to do this on incapacity…after about 2wks i got an appointment for a medical, went along, doctor at social security office was awful…after lots of what i considered irrelevant questions…he said…‘’ so its just the cancer that bothers you then’'!!..and my benefit was stopped.
I was forced to return to work, i wasn’t ready physically or mentally…i could of appealed but didn’t…when i read through the report now i so wish i had as there were so many points in there that i think i could of questioned.
Your right though it does seem to differ in different areas, my friend lives up north and has had no problems and is still recieving her benefit.
Glad you had a better experience, and at least you don’t have to go rushing back to work.

karen x

Hi Eileen I too was very lucky I got my incapacity straight away no problem at all. I started a new job 3 weeks ago and they gave me £100 voucher to go and get a new suit and top and also shoes for my interview for my job. The week after I started I also got £200 from some charity from the job seekers centre. Its called the shaw trust. The lady did it all for me at the job centre. So make sure you also get all that as its available to everyone. I didnt know anything about it and a very nice adviser at the job centre got it all for me.I do now live back here in Scotland after 28 years in Birmingham. I did also make a point of asking her if this money is available all over the UK and she said yes.So if you need to ask me any questions about this then please do.I do know its a post code lottery with wigs and other things but this is not .Anyway You Take Care Love Linda xxxx

I too have recently claimed ICB and have just recieved a letter asking me to attend an interview called Pathways to work!
I started claiming on 12th Sept, Had bilateral double mastectomy that day, and am still having problems now. Had an infection in wound site a week ago, am having quite bad pain still on that side too. Still having fluid aspirated almost every week.

I have never claimed anything have always worked and now they are asking me to attend an interview to help me back to work. What can I do about this? I know I will be seeing my doctor on Friday, should i mention this to him???

Thanks in anvance

Take care



I didn’t get a penny as I had to take a few months off to look after my late dad 2003/04 and I didn’t get any benefits for 3 months of that because my local Jobcentre gave me all the wrong info and had me applying for all the wrong things. My IB forms went to 5 offices between Lancaster and Glasgow including my 2 local offices before a decision was made. When I was trying to track the claim down a benefits adviser actually said to me that “breast cancer is no excuse for trying to access the benefit system”. Aside of this 3 month NI gap I had worked mainly f/t since 1977, even working through studying f/t for a degree. I have never had maternity leave and had not claimed a penny in benefits since I was made redundant in 1991, when I claimed dole for 3 months until I got another f/t job. It makes me mad as I worked in a foreign bank for 10 years and paid higher rate tax, OH was on higher rate tax as a company director before we moved to Scotland. What makes me even more furious is we have a couple in this area who have 3 kids and a drug problem - they get everything on a plate. Don’t get me started!

MacMillan Cancer advised my OH to try and get Working Tax Credit as he had gone self-employed. We did get it eventually get it but only after 3 attempts. For 6 months of the past year we have kept ourselves afloat by eking out savings and OH put his business on hold to take on contract work, but it’s not every week he had work. Tax Credit means we now get free prescriptions, but I could have done with them when I was really ill and having to get scripts for stuff like antibiotics.

Why do cancer patients have to jump through such hoops?

dont get me started on the benefit road! boy did i have trouble trying to get some money out of them i had to wait 6 weeks at the start of my illness so it was a very trying time for me, i was refused incapacity benefit as well and now i have developed lymphodemia so cannot return to work for a while yet .i underwent a dhhs medical last month and so far have heard nothing back i have to have phyisio on my shoulder , which was stated at the medical . why is it so hard to claim benefits at atime when our illness is all that we can think about and we just need someone to take the load off our shoulders .i have got myself into a lot of debt since ive been ill another unneccessary burden. i think each new case should have a one off payment of 200 just untill they get sorted and this could be clawed back as soon as benefits have been decided. wishing you all well lynn xx

Computer says no! Thats my experiance. I claimed ICB after I went onto half pay and OH wasn’t working. The claim form was too long and over complicated but after 2 re-writes, it was finally accepted. I had delays when sick notes went missing but generally the claim was ok. My moan is about the standard, computer generated bumph sent out to all. I kept getting summons’ to attend finding work meetings, even though I had a job to return to.

I finally went to one of these meetings, wearing my wig, on a hot day with no air con, sweat running down my face, sick from chemo, no energy, mush for a brain, and nerves on edge. I ended up in tears. This lovely lady was so apologetic and said the reason for me having to go there was a ‘routine’ paper exercise. She was angry that people like us with genuine reasons for claiming benefit are tarred with the same brush as the low life wasters she deals with daily.

She put a note on my file that I was not to be bothered again with these stupid requests. She was lovely, the system is crap.


I spoke with a lovely lady on the phone at my local office, and she was again upset that this was sent out, and said it is computer generated! she told me she will chat to the adviser and give me a call back…

I got a call back, and she said they have deferred the interivew for 3mths… I can only claim income support as apparently have not earned more than £4,500 and not paid enough N.I. 2005-2006… I know i was paid more than that, also boss paid my N.I. Until i can prove it, they will just pay just my N.I. form the incapacity beneifts.

I feel a lot happier now, that it has been sorted out