Incisional biopsy booked for 14 May

Haven’t been on here for a while as I’m not really sure which room I belong in!
Needle test taken in February showed atypical cells and I saw the consultant last week who said the lump feels benign but they have to take it out because of the needle test results. He did say though that if nothing atypical showed in the tests on the lump once removed, they might have to go in again as the atypical cells may have been from the area around it… getting worried now that things aren’t going to be as straight forward as they first seemed.
Can anyone with experience of excisional biopsies please let me know what their experiences were so that I can prepare? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Cath

In addition to the support you will soon have here please feel free to call our helpliners to talk through your concerns, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

Take care


Thanks Lucy, might well do that…
Just realised, my op is 3 weeks today - eep!

Guess I’m talking to myself here :frowning: so I’ll just use this as a blog…
Feeling very jittery today about the whole thing after watching an NHS program yesterday where there was a lot of focus on BC. I can’t get the doctor’s words out of my head that the lump feels benign but there are atypical cells somewhere in there and they need to get it sorted… wish there was someone else who’d been through this that I could talk to, I seem to be the only one in this situation…

So… either no-one on this board has ever had an incisional biopsy or no-one’s interested…
Guess I should have been more dramatic as that seems to get responses on here but I’ll just have to plod along on my own and keep my worries to myself and hope that when the lump’s removed it’s all over with. Why would there be atypical cells though if it’s not something sinister? I don’t get the chance to ring the helpline as I’m either at work or my daughter’s with me and I don’t want her to know how worried I’m getting.
Sorry to sound a bit sulky here but I came for support and am quite sad that no-one cares…

Hi Cath,
So sorry only just saw your post as i have been trying not to think about the dreaded BC for a while, as yet i have not had an incisional biopsy but i guess that will be next for me, i have a lump in my right breast which i found 3 weeks ago and have an appointment with my GP next week, which i’m sure i will then be referred to the breast clinic.
I know how hard it is believe me, i’ve been struggling with this since i found the lump on Easter Sunday and nothing anyone tells you makes it better :frowning: I’m sure you have been googling as well which i know makes it even worse as everything you read, you have! I also know your concerns about your daughter hearing etc, i did tell my son whose 23 but I have to pretend i’m not worried or he will worry more, it’s such a terrible thing to go through and i can see why your frustrated as you think nobody cares, i do believe me as i know how you’re feeling and i wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy :frowning: Maybe if you look on some old blogs that people have written this may give you the information you’re looking for on the biopsies as i think there is a whole section, and although you won’t get a response as the posts are old, it may still help?
Sorry i can’t help you further, but here’s hoping we both get good news, good luck :slight_smile: x

Hello Cath46

Whilst waiting for more replies maybe you could email our ‘Ask the Nurse’ service. This may be good if you are unable to talk whist your daughter is with you. Here is the link

Best wishes

June, moderator

Hi Cazzer, thanks so much for your reply, I was beginning to think I was here on my own! I had a needle biopsy done on my first breast clinic visit and that showed atypical cells which is why they want to remove the lump by exisional biopsy. I can’t find much on Google though, which is odd, and making me think it must be quite unusual. I can’t find any results if I search ‘exisional’ on here either so either the search isn’t working or I’m just weird!
I hope you get your referral through quickly and they find there’s nothing to worry about, but you’re right, it’s always best to get it checked out!
Thanks again for replying :slight_smile: x

Hi Cath,
I think it’s probably best that Google isn’t showing many results as beleive me it only shows the worst case scenario’s! I’ve read posts on here before where people have had atypical cells but i think they remove it as a precaution so they can check further and doesn’t necessarily mean it’s anything bad :slight_smile:
The worst part is waiting which unfortuantely this does tend to involve a lot of! But hopefully in the end it will be good news!
Good luck and take care :slight_smile: x

Hi Cath,

So sorry you have been writing on here for support and feeling that you have been ignored. I honestly havent seen your posts and I am on here every day! So maybe there has been a problem with them showing…
This forum is brilliant for support so please dont think it wont/cant help you.
Unfortunately I do not have any experience with biopsies, but my story, so far, is:
I found a tender lump in my right breast, went to my GP who said she could feel thickening of the breast tissue in that breast and wasnt considering the lump at all. She gave me antibiotics and asked me go bak in a week. I did nothing had changed. She referred to BC.
Saw a Consultant who said he the right breast tissue needed further investigation and that I also had 2 lumps in my left breast! Great! I expected to have scans/biopsies there and then to be told we dont do them the same day see you in a couple of weeks.
Nearly 5 weeks later I have my mammogram and ultrasounds on Monday.
I am stressed from all the waiting and also wish they woudl tell you more.
It seems you are in a similar position in terms they arent telling you much. Why cant they just explain! Why have yu had to wait since February to see the consultant… thats so bad.
I really hope that when you have thelump removed that all is benign.
Please keep us updated and good luck.
Take care Di x

Hi Cath, sorry you find yourself here. This is a worrying time and the not knowing is the worse.
It’s good that the lump is being removed and they can then test it further to find out what it is. If its any reassurance, from my experience if they were unduly worried they would not make you wait for the biopsies.
I had a mammo, ultrasound, 5 biopsies and a week later, after getting the results was booked in for an mx and ANC. So they don’t hang around if they know it’s cancer.
Take care and good luck with the op on 14th May. Let us know how you get on
Melrose xx

Hi Di, yes the waiting is awful isn’t it? I’ve actually been waiting since November as my initial assessment and biopsy was that there was nothing to worry about, it was only when I went back for a check up / discharge appointment that they decided to do another needle test just to be sure as the lump was still there that it all kicked off!
I hope your tests on Monday show there’s nothing to worry about and you can celebrate next week! x

Hi Melrose, thanks for replying… I guess I should take comfort that nothing’s being treated as urgent, it’s just hard when it’s all taken so very long and I can’t find anyone else who’s had a similar story…
Wishing you a speedy recovery xx