Inconclusive results - should I be worried?

I’m 29 and found a lump 3 weeks ago, was told it was just a cyst by doctor, but the hospital said it wasn’t and sent me for an ultra sound which came back inconclusive - I was then offered a Fine needle biopsy which I got the results 2 days later. I was left very confused when they said they had no idea what the lump was and had a team of people look at it - further more the needle biopsy also came back inconclusive. They want to surgically remove the lump and surrounding tissue to be sent for testing (a bit drastic I thought) Please could someone be honest and tell me if I should be worried? They went on to say that the test wasn’t a negative but not enough to be positive and that it was a grey area (they just weren’t sure). I would really like to hear from anybody who has advice or has been in a similar situation from me.


Hello Scanning

Welcome to the forums, this is a very worrying time for you but you have come to the right place for support from our experienced users who I’m sure will be along to support you soon.

In the meantime maybe you would like to talk things through with a member of our helpline staff who are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 600 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes
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Hi, my FNA was also inconclusive, the mammogram was clear, but the core biopsy came back as C5, malignant. That’s why a lot of clinics do the “triple” testing. Hope you get a “good” result. Give the bcc helpline a ring, they will explain it much betterfor you! X

Thanks Tina45, I’m so desperate to find out what it is I have moved from the NHS and my notes are going to be sent to a private hospital to help speed things up. I am going tomorrow to see the specialist with Bupa and dreading to find out what he thinks. I read up on the dcotor and he looks to know his onions.

I’m reading more and more posts where inconclusive results on a strange mass has ended up being cancer :frowning:

The other thing bothering me is that my family have not been at all supportive, my husband has been great. But my mum and sister have not phoned to ask how I am and know I am going back to hospital tomorrow. My mum talks as if im daft and keeps saying it just a cyst even though I’ve been told by 3 doctors it’s not.

Do you think I should not inform my family or any developments if they cannot be bothered? Would really value your opinion. Or any body elses who are reading this post.


Hi Scanning,

It’s a really hard call - should you be worried? No one knows at this stage and I suspect the only way forward is to go ahead with having that lump and surrounding tissue removed so that you can get a definite answer. I have been in the position where I was told a lump was inconclusive, then on further biopsy was benign. Because by that time I had already had 2 recurrences I did not believe the onc and pushed for surgery. Thank goodness I did! But your news could be good at the end of it all - I do hope so.


Hi scanning

I do hope you get some answers tomorrow, and that all is well. FNAs are often inconclusive due to their nature of only taking a tiny sample of cells and not being able to say anything about the structure of a lump.

Regarding your family, I wonder if your mum and sister are being low key because they don’t want to add to your worry by making their concern clear, and it’s their way of trying to help? I’m sure it’s not that they can’t be bothered - but you’ll find many stories here of family and friends that struggle to deal with a loved one’s diagnosis, just not knowing what to say, so avoiding the issue instead. I think these sorts of conversations are particularly difficult over the phone.

Do let us know how you get on. Good luck x

Thanks Finty, I hope you right :slight_smile:

I understand what you are saying with regards to my family, but unfortunately and that maybe so for my sister, but mum has always been cold and disinterested, when I last spoke to her she was more worried about my husband taking time off work to come to the hospital with me (she says it not fair on him).

I feel right now that if I did have cancer I really would not want to tell her, at least not straight away. Am I being silly? Would really like to know what you think.


Hi, please don’t worry yet about having to tell people, until you have conclusive results. It’s very difficult to predict how someone may react. Take a day at a time, waiting and worrying about results can be extremely hard. Hopefully you will get your results soon! X

Oh I’m sorry, your mum does sound rather difficult, but I agree with Tina - one day at a time. x

Good luck with finding out what is going on with your lump - the waiting and agonising over test results is, for me, the worst part - you just don’t know whether you’re up or down/coming or going/perfectly fit and healthy - or not. It’s really, really tough - and having to deal with difficult family is not helping.

The main thing is - your husband is being a rock - and let’s face it, out of all your family - he’s the one YOU chose, the rest of them weren’t your decision - so the most important one, right now - is hanging on in there with you.

I hope very much that you never have to make the decision as to whether to tell mum/sister you have breast cancer - but if you do - then don’t allow yourself to feel guilty - whatever you decide. I’m all for honesty - tell them, then let them deal with it. You don’t need to prop them up - and if you tell them in the expectation that they won’t give a toss, then nothing will surprise you - but you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. Very often fear portrays itself as ignorance… I’d give them the opportunity to prove you wrong - but shore yourself up with husband and friends for good support (and us on here too!).

Hope that helps a little - and whilst of course I agree about taking one day at a time during the horrendous wait for knowledge - I also know how fixated we can become on one issue - particularly if it’s actually taking our mind off our main worry… is it bc? I think that’s a fairly healthy way of coping… but then, that’s the way I cope, so I would - wouldn’t I?!!

Take care

Sophie xx

Hi triphazard99,

Thanks very much for the message of support and thought that was a good point you made (tell them and let them deal with it) I think that seems a good way forward :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody for the messages of support. My appointment is at 2:00pm today so I will update tonight on what the specialist says.

I really don’t want to have to go down the surgery route beacuse I have breast implants, I saved really hard to buy them ans love my boobs, I don’t know how I would cope if they said they had to take my implants out.

Feeling really nervous, I know my wait has only been three weeks and there are lots of you that have waited much longer, but it feels like it’s been months. Woudn’t it be great if in the future they set up a clinic on the NHS where at your first appointment you get the triple test and you go home that day knowing a yes or no.

Anyway, I think I’m ranting on a bit now so I hope you have a good day and will post tonight.


Hi Guys,

I’m back. And I’m afraid it’s still no news, unfortunately they too don’t know what the lump is - I had another ultra sound and once again the team at Bupa/Nufield hospital were baffled. They have decided the only way to find out if it’s cancer is to have it cut out. (IT REALLY IS THE MYSTERY LUMP)

Doctor said a core biopsy could do more damage to my implants than a straight forward incision biopsy.

I’m having surgery on the 17th of November - not long thank god.

Thanks again to all the people that gave advice and messages of support. This is a very good forum.
I’m now going to have a glass of wine :slight_smile:

Hello guys.

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post - but would just like to add one final comment.

It’s fine - No cancer after all - Just got my results a few hours agao.

1 x GP visit
1 x Breast clinic visit
1 x Ultra sound
1 x FNA
1 x visit to consultant to get results
1 x visit to BUPA specialist
1 x Another Ultra sound
1 x Pre-op assessment
1 x surgery on breast
1 x follow up post-op and results appointment

= 10 hospital trips to find out it was scar tissue from a build up of blood cells which turned into the mystery lump. Just one of those things.

Thanks again to all the people who posted there advice and support. I really appreciated it (and it helped me get through a very difficult time in life). I hope my posts help someone else should they read it who feel they are in the same boat as I was.

Cheers Troopers

All the best