indentation no pain or lump

Hi all I’m new here, im feeling a bit of a fraudulent time waster after reading all the posts I have on here. I found a large indentation on my left outer breast I have no lump or pain (well a constant dull burning sensation) I was thinking it was cellulite but asked the doc while I was at an appointment she checked and said its Prob nothing but she refered me to the breast clinic. I have my appointment on Weds and since my referral I can’t stop worrying but also feel like I’m taking someone else’s space! I’m 37 mum of 2 with no family history of BC.

It’s best to get checked out.  I’ve waited 3 weeks for my appointment and stress levels are through the roof. my appointment is on 24th and I am dreading it. Good luck for Wed.

Wow three weeks! I got a phone call the same evening after visiting the doc and an appointment within the week? Thanks good luck to you also x

Hope your appointment goes well x sending lots of positive thoughts.

Hi thank you! I’m getting nervous now as it is at 2pm today ?

Hi, I’ve just posted a similar question, because I’ve had that burning/aching sensation. I too feel like I will be wasting their time. Because of where we live, my apt can take up to 12 weeks. Did the Drs have an explanation for that sensation? Mine only lasted 4 days, enough to have me really worried though!

Hi! Jinty I’m so pleased for you! I had my appointment and the doctor could see the dent and could also feel a small lump (I couldnt!) she put it down to a cyst, she sent me for an ultrasound and they couldn’t see a thing? She just sent me home saying it’s nothing to worry about. I’m Now stressing as it was deff there! ?

Great news ladies - so happy for you!

I just hope i get my appointment soon because not knowing what is wrong is driving me potty. You can handle good or bad news better than no news