Indentation Worries


This is my first post, I have read some of the posts on the forum which have been really helpful, I discovered a dimple/indentation on my LB when I lean over and stretch my arms, I have been referred for an appointment with my local breast unit but am driving myself to distraction with possible symptoms and dr googles answers :slightly_smiling_face:  

I am 55 and a large lady so my gp could not feel a lump although she could see the dent. That was 3 weeks ago, my appointments not for another 2 weeks. Lots of time to find time to google this…

I now have found what I feel is a hardness in my breast which has an edge down the centre of my boob and I have now found a smaller dent on my other breast. Not sure if this is a good sign or not.

Sorry for the ramble, I’m trying not to stress my hubby out with too much information until i go to the clinic and we don’t want to tell family until we know what were talking about so im feeling a little like my brains going to explode with all my thoughts.  

Hi Shirley , welcome to the forum. That’s a long time to wait with such a worry hanging over you . It’s very easy to drive yourself insane if you spent too much time on Google - there’s no way Google can know what’s going on in your boob - your GP doesn’t know which is why they’ve sent you to the breast clinic - most likely the breast clinic will not know without the help of imaging to look inside - so Google certainly doesn’t know !! 

The vast majority of referrals to breast clinic turn out not to be cancer , if it is cancer you have a very good chance of successful treatment like a large number of us on the forum -early stage breast cancer is very treatable. Fingers crossed - let us know how you get on .

Jill x

Hello Shirley

Sorry to hear you find yourself in this situation. I’m sorry I can’t give you any practical assurance regarding the physical signs as my breast cancer was only diagnosed through a routine mammogram, but equally everybody is different and it will only be once the breast clinic specialists have had a chance to examine and biopsy that you will know for sure. 
What I can assure you of however is by posting on this forum you are part of a wonderfully kind and supportive community who’ve all trodden many different and similar paths through the breast cancer world. 
I can relate to the not knowing feelings and your mind going into overdrive, but please don’t use Google, as you will not find anything helpful: only the medical specialists can give you the information you need. 
Hang on in there!

AM xxx

Hi Ladies,

 I had my consultation this week and am delighted to tell you all that I got the all clear, my mammogram and ultrasound showed some cysts but the consultant thinks the dents I found are due to weight loss.

who knew trying to get into shape could cause so much stress

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone for their support and advice it was a godsend

Try not 2 worry easier ssid the done. I went for routine mammogram and after I returned home I looked down at my breasts left breast was puckered and dimpled. I then got a letter to say I was referred for follow up at breast clinic got a mammogram scan and biopsies.  She said lymph nodes looked clear however a couple of parts of my breast looked suspicious.  I also had dense left breast tissue. I knew then it was cancer had a gut feeling.  I was diagnosed with lobular cancer 8 days later. I prepared myself for the worse  as they known what they r looking for and what they see on the scans. I got a mastectomy with diep flap reconstruction end of November I’m now having chemo no lymph nodes involvement which is good. I am only getting chemo as tumour was 9.5cms and its a grade 2 lobular cancer.  Hope u get good news and stay postive.