Indented areoa or overreacting??!!

Hi I’m wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms and gone to the doctor to get it checked out, I don’t know wether I’m overreacting. Yesterday I was getting out of the bath, it was rather chilly so as you can imagine my nipples were very hard, but as I looked at my left nipple it didn’t look right, there was a rather deep indentation on my areoa just above my nipple, I’m pretty sure it was not there before as when I saw it my stomach did a flip, I kept checking after I got dressed and warmed up and the deep dent had disappeared to a very subtle crease, Iv felt where the dimple was and it feels slightly dented, it only seems to get very dented when the nipple is erect, but the first time I noticed it, it was sort of round then later when I checked it was dented horizontally (if that makes sense) it seems to be changing shape depending on how hard my nipple gets, I hope all of this makes sense. Iv also been getting shooting pains which feel like they are coming from my left breast into my armpit, although this has been happening for a while (maybe 3/4 months) and the past week my left arm has become a bit achy, but I’m wondering, as Iv now noticed the indentation, wether it could be connect, my left nipple within the past 2 months does get extremely itchy aswel not all the time but when it does I can’t seem to satisfy the itch, i can’t find any lumps, but will book a appointment with doctor on Tuesday, I just don’t know wether all of this is period related or hormones? I know it is better to be safe than sorry but I’m just getting myself wound up about it all, has anyone experienced anything similar to this? Oh and I’m 30 years old

Hi Caz,may well be nothing but it would be best to get it checked out.It will only be in the back of your mind if you dont.If it is something that needs dealing with the quicker it is treated the better the outcome.Fingers crossed it is a cyst or hormonal,lots of explanations that are not sinister.Good luck.Jill.


As Jill said, it may well be nothing, but I would definitely get it checked out, I think you’re doing exactly the right thing by making an appointment.


Please don’t panic but I had shooting pains intermittently in the year or so prior to my tumour which was picked up by a routine mammogram. I had stupidly ignored it, I hadn’t felt anything and like many people, didn’t associate pain with breast cancer. I’ve had plenty of time to kick myself since then!


You may well be right about it being to do with hormones and it will probably be nothing but you will worry until you know for sure. Do let us know how you get on,


Amanda x


Thank you both for your replies, it’s just so weird that Iv never noticed this dimple before and it’s only visible when erect and sometimes looks quite deep, your comments have helped a lot, thank you and I will let you know how I get on :slight_smile: X X