Indention underside of breast when raising arm

Hi there. I’ve been referred to the breast clinic after seeing my GP about an indent in my breast and am absolutely terrified.

I noticed the indent a while ago but dismissed it. No idea how long it has been there for. I’ve got large boobs and have breastfed 2 kids for 12 months plus, so there aren’t the perkiest. The indentation is quite big (I think) and is in the inner, lower part of my breast and is only really easy to see when my arms are raised.

GP could see it easily but couldn’t find any lumps or thickening. She was quite reassuring but I’ve made the mistake of googling and can find absolutely nothing positive about indentations being caused by benign reasons. Lots of horror stories about woman presenting with only a small indent and being diagnosed with advanced cancer. I know that only an ultrasound and mammogram can diagnose me properly but wondered if anybody had any experience of indentations being caused by non sinister issues?

Appointment isn’t until the end of the week after next and I am not coping well at all. I have no idea how to get through the day.

Hi Dalia,
Please be reassured that bc is the least likely reason for your breast change, but your gp is absolutey right to refer you to get it poperly checked out, as only the breast clinic can do this.
Do step away from google, it only feeds the anxiety monster, as inevitably any general googling of breast symptoms will inevitably lead to bc at some point, so it really is not helpful nor necessarily accurate.
Do use this site for any info.
It’s never easy waiting, we’ve all been there at some point, but in addition to stepping away from google, carrying on as normal & distracting yourself, does help.
let is know how you get on
ann x



Hello and welcome.  What you are feeling is totally natural because it is fear of the unknown and your anxiety levels are heightened at this time until you know if there is a problem.


Please please stop googling generally, we all know what that is like, what you have to remember is each person is different and what turns out to be cancer in one person may not be in another, there is also a lot of misinformation and outdate stuff on the internet.  I would suggest that until you know what it is you are dealing with that you on search on either here or the MacMillan site. 


Also like everything you will only hear horror stories.  If you were to look on here to the other threads you will see a load of ladies, like myself who have been diagnosed, had treatment and are now back to their normal lives.  And of course, you will read loads of instances where ladies have gone to the breast clinic and the outcome has been that it is not cancer.


There are a lot of benign breast conditions that this can be and as you say, the only way you will know is to have the appointment and whatever investigations the breast clinic recommends, so you have done absolutely the right thing in going to your GP for a referral.  IF and it is a big IF, it does turn out to be cancer, the treatment for it is extremely successful.


Take a deep breath, try to concentrate on other things to keep your mind occupied, give yourself small milestones to focus on, the first one being your apt the week after next, whatever comes out of that appointment can be dealt with when you know the outcome of it.  Are you taking someone with you, it does help as it gives you some moral support but also as another pair of ears.


Let us know how you get on.  We are all here to help and support you so come on here as you feel you need to, we all know what you are going through and get you.


Helena xx



Thanks both. The rational part of me knows that you are absolutely right. Unfortunately I’m quite anxious about health in general, so anxiety has absolutely taken over. I’m actually looking forward to being back in work tomorrow so that I can stop poking, prodding and googling!

I’ve got a feeling that these are going to be the longest 12 days of my life!

Hi Dalia,
Just to add, there are many women here who have posted with breast indentation, who then go onto get the all clear.

Thank you for your kind words.

I’m driving my husband mad as I can’t stop going on about it. I know that he is worried sick too and me talking about it non stop isn’t helping.

I’ve convinced my self today that I can feel my breast swelling. Really hope it is just my imagination going into overdrive.

Dalia, you are right, it is anxiety sending the mind into overdrive!
Loads of us here react like that when anxious.
Honestly, mostly all turns out to be well & IF on the off chance it is bc, then the sooner it is dealt with, the better, treatment is excellent now & has some of the best outcomes out there. There are loads of us out the other side & getting on with life.
It is hard, but try to let go of those thoughts & distract yourself, worrying yourself unduly doesn’t change anything & it will get sorted.
ann x