Indigestion and vomiting

Hi. I finished chemo in April 14 and radiotherapy in July 14.

Have been recovering well but every now and then I am getting chronic indigestion. This lasts about 2-3 hours and is only resolved when I vomit after which I feel better.

I’m taking tamoxifen but otherwise no other medication.

Is this common, has anyone else had this?


Hi cat
I finished chemo in June. I regularly feel sick and ( sorry tmi) but if I belch it stops for a while. I was never a nauseous person prior to this. It started 6 weeks after starting tamoxifen. Don’t know if its related.

Hi I finished my chemo in July. I had terrible indigestion during and after my chemo and was prescribed omeprazole which worked wonders. This chemo is powerful stuff and can continue to cause us problems well after it is finished.

Sue xx