infection during chemo

My daughter in law is in week 2 of the first cycle of chemo, and has a chesty cold. Been told that if her temp goes to 37.5 she has to go into hospital. Worried now ! Any one experienced this ? Glamgran.


I too have just had 1st chemo, was told to call if temp went 38 or above, as she has a chesty cough/cold, i would still call chemo ward even though no temp just to check.



I was told if temp was 37.5 or over test again in an hour if still over phone the unit. If 38 or over phone immediately or go to a and e. It is worth checking with her unit when her Chemo has it’s low blood count days as they can be slightly different and are obviously the days to be extra careful on. I was given iv antibiotics as a precaution once for and ear infection even without a temp, because I had pain and my blood count was v low.
Always best to inform the unit of any problems. Hope she feels better soon.


hiya. I was told over 37.8 to call the unit, which i did when i had chemo and i was admitted with neutropenia. Felt reasonably well which was ironic as my cell count was very very low and i was in isolation.

Always worth calling them as sometimes- like me-you may need treatment to prevent getting really unwell.

good luck

Thankyou everyone,it is SO good to hear from you honestly !! Will let her know, but I’m sure the Macmillan nurses are on the case. It’s just so worrying for the rest of us ! Thinking of you all. Big hugs. Glam gran.xx

glamgran, you’re very l0vely for being so caring for your DIL. Thank you for being so nice.