Infection in nodes wound after surgery..

Hi all,

11 days ago i had a WLE and some nodes taken out. The wound where i had nodes taken out has developed an infection so i was prescribed antibiotics last thursday from GP’s.However I had to go to A and E yesterday because around the edge of my wound was getting red and swollen.They have told me to double my antibiotics. They changed my dressing but ive noticed a bit of blood come through dressing.I dont know what to do.I haven’t got any spare dressings.Is it ok to leave the dressing on if its weeping a bit of blood?..who am i best calling the GP’s or the ward where i had my op? My major worry is that if i go to see nurse at GP’s they dont quite know what they are dealing with like they do at the hospital. Has anyone else had problems with their nodes scar?
I dont recon much to the aftercare received when they discharge you from hospital. I feel isolated tbh…

Hi KB,when I had a problem with my wound I phoned the ward that I had my mx and they told me to come down and see them, you could phone your bc nurse and she will tell you where to go , hope this helps x

Hi KB, do you have a phone number for a Breast Care Nurse? If so, phone it right away and leave a message if they aren’t there yet. If you don’t have a BCN number or if you feel it can’t wait, then phone the ward and ask them.

I know what you mean about after care, but normally the BCNs are the first people to go to if you have any worries or difficulties regarding treatment.

Thanks Mezzomamma, It’s so worrying isnt it?..i do have a follow up on weds at clinic…perhaps i should wait. im just getting fed up of trailing to and throw to gp’s hence they tell you, you’re meant to rest…x

thanks tob21…didnt see your comment. im really getting fed up tbh. i just want it to heal…x

I really would phone the BCNs today. Ask them whether they or the ward should check it out. Better safe than sorry, especially since you have had an infection. If nothing else they might want to change the dressing and have a look at it.

Hiya…yes i rang the ward and spoke to my BCN and she told me to come to clinic.They changed my dressing and said it was a bit sore and said i must not be alarmed if it leaks…Ive got my follow up Weds anyway so im sure they will check me out then. I will also get to know what treatment im going to have…oh what fun…LOL…well you have got to laugh…better than crying xx

Thanks for comments btw…x