Infection started......can we take paracetamol during rad treatment?

Hi all,


who would have gave thought a little ear wax turned, I think into ear infection. Feeling feverish, chills and no idea if can or nit take paracetamol…a ny experience please let me know



Please check with your chemotherapy team. But from my experience, I was told I could take ibroprofen not paracetamol because it can mask any fever. Keep in eye on your temperature and follow the guidelines re. infections.
Sue x

Sorry, radiotherapy team!

Could you get some advice from 111 NHS service ? I wasn’t told anything about painkillers during rads.Shame the helpline here isn’t open today ,I doubt the rads dept will be open either but there may be an out of hours contact number on your information .

Hi! Densie
I have taken paracetamol whilst having rads! I wasn’t told I couldn’t take painkillers