Infection under finger nails

Hi All,

I have just finished 4xFec followed by 4xTax and my fingernails have really suffered after the Tax. At first they just went very brittle and full of ridges, but about a week ago they all turned a dark red colour (think it was blood) and now I have yellow pus leaking out from under three of the nails - yuck!! I have been to GP who has given my some antibiotics, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar and does this mean my nails will fall off? :frowning:

Louisa xxx

Louisa - poor baby. I am sorry to hear about your nails. I have noticed that my nail beds are turning dark. But the nails are not brittle or ridged or changed. I did cut my fingernails last week – but was very careful and did it with a clippers and then filed them so there would not be any rough edges.

Are the antibiotics helping???

More and more I am thinking that it is these little things that get to us. I will keep you in my thoughts.


Hi Louisa,

I had 3 x FEC and 3 x TAX which I finished in November 06 - my fingernails were dreadful after chemo and to be honest they still are. Is this normal does anyone know? My fingernails never fell off but the nails on my two big toes went black and then fell off but the good news on that point is that they have regrown and no-one would ever know. Love xxx


Sounds horrible Louisa. I have finally decided to put polish on my nails. They are red as if bruised and are coming away from the skin so that I have to be careful not to allow dirt/cat hairs down there. I hope that it clear up for you soon.

take care Pauline x

Dear Louisa,

My fingernails also suffered following treatment with Taxotere. They did go red and started oozing yellow pus. I had a couple of infections under the fingernails which responded well to antibiotics. My fingernails became raised from the nailbed but didn’t fall off. I finished Taxotere in January and my nails remain brittle with ridges, but they have just started to grow again.

Take care.


Thanks everyone for kind comments, I think you’re right Emily, it’s the little things that can really bring you down on chemo. My eyes have been running constantly for over six weeks and now my nails are so painful and look disgusting - am a sorry sight and to be honest is making me feel really low. Oh well, hope the antibiotics start to kick in soon, good to hear they worked for you Jeanie.

Don’t know how long nails are supposed to take to get back to normal Swissmiss, I did ask my bc nurse but she said ‘everyones different’ which seems to be the answer to all my questions!

Hope your nails survive Pauline, think I was just unlucky to have picked up an infection (I did take the children pond dipping a week or so ago so it could have been that!).

Take care all,

Love Louisa xxx