Infections Hi and best wished to you all.

My wife had her surgery on the 26th Oct and was in hospital for 3 days. The kids and I missed her intensly. Just over a week after coming home, the wound under her arm burst and horrible green coloured puss gushed all over the place. We went to our local GP who put her on antibiotics. 6 days later she was in so much pain we went back to the hospital, they took a swab and put her on stronger antibiotics, which appear to be working. However this morning when she woke up, the breast wound has done exactly the same thing! She has to go back into hospital in a copule of weeks to have a bit more removed as the pathologist was not quite happy with the margin taken. This infection could set things back, and we are so worried.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing, is it an issue with hygine at the hospital?

Theres such a lot to cope with as you all know, so any advice I would be most grateful.



Infections Hi Andy

Ask the hospital if they are checking for MRSA?? And let us all know what the docs say.



Infection Hi Andy - dont know if what happened to me is similar cos unsure what surgery your wife has had but kinda sounds it. I was in hospital 12 days after mastectomy and anc, my drainage didnt decrease very much and became very sore + I was discharged on antibios. Went 2 days later to have stitches out and wound burst open, discharging excess fluid. Was given stronger antibios + told this does happen sometimes due to infection, where from…well the only answer I was given was…‘you signed the consent form and risk of infection was listed’. Personally I blame the drains…they weren’t attended to properly, neither hygiene wise or medically. There were several ladies who returned to hospital with similar and all I can say is tis a sorry state to be in but it does eventually get better.
I hope this helps in some way + wish you and your wife well xxxx

Thanks Yes, that sounds about right, just me hitting a panic button again!!

I suppose after this type of thing you have to accept a degree of risk, but the Nurse and others have been great.

I think we are just getting worked up again about a second round of surgery. We like I am sure evryone else just one a bit of normality to return to life, so that we can enjoy Xmas with the kids etc.

I read in one of the booklets I ordered from this site, that many describe this all as a Roller Coaster Ride, and they couldn’t be closer to a description than that!

Take care all and best wishes Andy + Pip