Information Sessions - Cancer Fatigue

Just wondering if anybody is going to the BCC information session on Cancer Fatigue in Manchester next Tuesday afternoon (8th July)

I guess not then!!!

Hi Chukki

didn’t know there was one but could be interesting. Where is it being held and what time?

Liz xx

Hi Chukkie,
i am trying to find out where it is to held, would like to go!!
marg xx

Hi Chuckki

Sorry didn’t know about it and now committed to something else tomorrow. Plus my fatigue would make the journey difficult!!!


I got the info by clicking the link on Information Sessions in the BCC June e-news letter, there was a list of dates, topics and locations around the country. You have to book a place so its probably too late for the one being held today which is in the St Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green, but if anybody is interested in finding out about other sessions the contact number is 0845 0771893 or you can find a list of all the information sessions being held in the ‘Support For You’ category in the menu at the top of the page then choose ‘Support Days and Activities’ then ‘Information Sessions’

EDIT: Sorry I should have mentioned that the phone number quoted is for the BCC regional office for the NORTH & MIDLANDS

Hi Chukki,
i went today were you there?
I found it really informative and will be going to future sessions.
Although you have to book, there weren;'t that many people there so i’m sure you can just turn up on the day.
marg xx

Hi Marg

Glad you made it

Yes I was there but sadly I didn’t really have much chance to talk to many people - I had a cerise coloured jumper on and sat quite close to where the screens were, oh and I’ve got short white hair!!!What about you, where were you sat? Please don’t say next to me!!!

It was very good and I’m waiting for a copy of the presentation to be sent to me so that I can pass it on to some people who couldn’t attend in person.

I will also be going to future sessions so will look out for you and yes from the turn out yesterday I think it probably would be ok to just turn up but it’s best to let them know even if it is at short notice


hi Fran,
I was sat on the front row and also only spoke to the person sat next me. Luckily i don’t live too far from where the session was held so was able to drive there.
I also think they aren’t advertised well enough.
I am going to lyphoedema session and lingerie evening at m&S in september.
I might get to chat with you next time.
marg xx

Hi Marg

I’m going to the lymphoedema session so will definitely look out for you

Have you had a copy of the presentation yet? I didn’t think to ask if it would be sent snail mail or email and if its email mine may have gone into the spam folder and got deleted! - just watch now that I’ve said that it will turn up today…


Hi Fran,
I didn’t ask for a copy of the presentation but gave my e mail adress, will they send it anyway?
I,m feeling so tired today i feel like referring myself to centre!! just some recognition of what our bodies have gone through and still going throgh would be good.
Where are you up to with treatment?
marg x

Hi Marg

I got a copy of the presentation yesterday.

I’ve finished all the ‘big’ treatment (mast/anc Sept 06, chemo Oct 06 - Apr 07 & rads May 07) and just on Arimidex and calichew now, I also had a recon done at the end of March so still feeling rather shattered from that.

Have you joined or are you already a member of the Bcpals site - if not do a Google for the full website add as I don’t think we are allowed to give it on here