Injections daily for 7 days after chemo ?

Was told this will be happening to me to  help my immune  system recover  has anyone else experienced this .  I am told a district unsure will call to do this but  I can do it  myself has anyone done this is it  . I want to try as  I cannot be hanging around waiting  for the nurse to drop in  I have things to do ! 

I do them myself. Really easy and not painful, just pinch an inch and off you go. No one showed me, they just gave me a leaflet. A few of us December angels 2013 have them and do them ourselves.


Hi - I was neutropenic after each of my chemo cycles, my second cycle was delayed by a week and the third one by three weeks. Because of that my dose was reduced and I had a bone marrow boosting injection for 10 days after each of my last six cycles. To begin with the district nurses did them but then I decided to do them myself. Luckily I never got any infection so avoided being admitted to hospital. It is a really fine needle and the syringes are all pre-loaded so it is very quick and easy to do yourself - it’s just a bit weird doing it the first time. Good luck!

Hi, yes I had 7 days of injecting, all the February Valentines 2013 did. I did them myself, but I was used to injecting as I’d had 6-7 years on low dose methotrexate injections once every week, for RA. They are subcutaneous injections (into fatty tissue) and most people use their stomach or their thigh. You have a very positive attitude jhanchi. Good luck for your treatments, hope your side effects are minimal.


poemsgalore xx