Injections in tummy for low WBC help!!!!

That’s the right way to think about it Ruth - anything to get chemo done and dusted without any unnecessary delays!

Jane xxx

I’ve had lenograstin injections for 5 days per chemo cycle, my hubby makes it up from a powder and I have 2 injections of it. I’m a week into my 3rd TAX (had 3 EC, then 3 TAX) and with my daily blood thinning injections I’ve just worked out my hubby has given me 173 injections so far into my belly ,with my chemo.
I’ve not been hospitalised at all with infections even over the winter and all the colds my 7 and 11 yr old must have been in contact with. Infact the only cold like symptoms I’ve had (flu like chills) have probably been from the lenograstin.
Good luck but be brave and go for it. The neutropenic sepsis route involves far more needles with iv antibiotics as well as stays in hospitals.
I x