Inplant using the strattice method

Hi, I had a mastectomy 12 years ago and now i am having a reconstruction within this next week using an implant with strattice method. Would help to know if anyone has had this procedure done and the outcome. Many thanks, Pheabe


I had a Becker permanent expander implant fitted in December 2011 with Strattice. I have had 2 top ups since and have one more planned. I’m generally pretty pleased with the result, although it does feel pretty hard and I’m not sure it will soften much over time. Sleeping on my front is no longer possible but I can sleep on either side now.

The first couple of days after the op I was very sore but it soon improved. The drains weren’t nearly as bad as I’d imagined either, although difficult to disguise so I didn’t go out much until they were removed.

If there is anything specific you want to know, I’m happy to help.


AJB Many thanks for your info. Was it a delayed reconstruction and how long did you stay in hospital for. Will the tissue expander be removed and a permanant inplant fitted at a later date. Pheabe.