Inspirational young women

I have just watched the short film about the younger womens forums and I cried and laughed and just found all the women so inspirational. I hope to be able to go to the one in Bristol and I just think it’s such a good idea and an amazing opportunity.
Anyway, just wanted to say that

Where di you see that Bluerose, would love to watch (even though Im an old fogey).
I have to agree, I have read a couple of blogs by amazing young women, one writer is on here (Jellytot83) (sorry dont have her blog address handy,) and one called ‘written off’ by Ellie Jeffries, who sadly passed away last year.

Hello nannabarb, nice to meet you.
It is on this site, celebrating 10 years of the younger womens forums.

Thans, will watch now xx
Hope you are well (you know what I mean) xxx

Ahaha, I know! Hope you are too. Xx