Insurance - life and critical illness


Has anyone managed to secure critical illness or life insurance after treatment has finished? If so, how? Who with? How many years down the line? etc.

I am interested in this. My diagnosis came just as my divorce was being finalised. By order of the Court I should have surrendered my endowment policy to my childrens Dad and I am about to do it ( because he will take me to Court for failure to comply). I havent been able to find anyway to replace it. My finacial advisor pushed her chair back from the desk when she heard the news and that was that. As I am on Arimadex and Zoladex I dont seem to have an assurance that there will be an "end " to the treatment. I tried cancer concerned organisations beolieving that they would be more enlightened but I havent found any life insurance. So now I am compelled to hand over the only life insurance that I have. There doesnt seem to be anything that I can do about it.

Hopefully someone else will have more hopeful news.

I finished my chemo in Jan 2007 and rads in Feb 2007. No-one will consider giving me life cover until I am 2 years post treatment- including the so called specialist cancer /serious illness companies.