Insurance problems with Mastectomy and LD flap reconstruction planned for Friday

Just wanted to have a rant…Due to have a MX and LD Flap reconstruction on Friday, following pre op assessment tests now have very high blood pressure …I wonder why? so beta blockers for me for a little while. The operation is still on for Friday. I have just answered a telephone call that has made me so emotional and cross…As we have company private medical insurance I decided to have the operation privately and i have just been informed 2 days before the procedure that there is a shortfall of £650 which we have to pay. I am really cross with the insurance company I am not selecting this operation for cosmetic reasons but as a life saver. I Feel so guilty that my poor husband is going to have to look after me, fund the bill and end up with a scarred deformed wife in the process. Iguess today is a bad day for me. As thishappened to anyone else?

Hi Cheryl,

I can’t really be of any help, but didn’t want you to think your post had just disappeared. Really sorry to hear about your problem with the insurance company. Bad enough having to deal with what you have on your plate at the best of times. At least you have a supportive family behind you, though.

Wishing you all the best for Friday’s operation.



Hi Cheryl17,
Yes this happened to me too. It isn’t particularly unusual. Insurance companies have pay scales for different types of procedure and often surgeons, for example, do not fall exactly in these. Some insurance companies are better than others.
You could have a word with your surgeon’s secretary to see if she could do anything by speaking to the insurance company. I am assuming it is the surgeon’s fee, or perhaps an anaethetist’s fee that is causing the problem, rather than the hospital costs.
It is annoying, but I just took the view that in the scheme of things this was not my biggest problem, and the inusrance company was paying by far the lion’s share of the costs. I appreciate that not everyone may see it that way.
Good luck.


Yes - the same thing happened to me. I had an mx and LD flap recon and the shortfall was in my surgeon’s costs - £1200! I found out before even meeting my PS and can remember having a total melt down about it.
It does depend on the insurance company.

Good luck

Cheryl, not happened to me but I’ve heard about other people being faced with this. I’m insured with Bupa and we were just told that the staff involved in my procedure needed to work within the Bupa limits, they all did so wasn’t a problem. It’s an added burden you don’t need isn’t it? X

Thankyou all for sharing your experiences. As annoying as it is, i have Calmed down about it now and just going to get on with it. Xxx

Good luck for the surgery - I had mx ad immediate LD flap reconstruction in June and am very pleased with the results, yes it’s not my original breast but it looks pretty good.