I am not sure this message is under the right title but could not find a proper one.
I do not have medical insurance and will probably travel. I am concerned that since I had cancer and surgery not long ago they might charge me an arm and a leg… I remember reading about a reasonably priced insurance in this forum but cannot remember the name.
Thanks for any help!

Hi Nikiya

Have a look under Current issues/Hot topics under the heading Travel Insurance. This subject pops up quite a lot and sometimes you have to search about for reasonable quotes. There is a link to the BCC Publication giving information on some insurance companies.

Also, check out the Macmillan website for information. Companies vary about how long you need to be finished treatment, so you may need to try a few. As I say check around first as quotes vary immensely.

Love and take care

Hi Nikiya

I have put for you below the link to the area of the website that talks about insurance.

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Nikiya - I posted some info which might be useful to you on the Insurance forum if you want to have a look.