I am constantly worried about breast cancer due to the awareness that is stressed on the terrible illness. I was contacted a few years ago regarding insurance, not full health care, just breast cancer insurance. Lately, I have looked into it again with the intent of getting it. The only one I have seen so far is Well Woman… does anyone know of any other companies offering it?


You might also want to consider critical illness cover, it is an option and covers breast cancer, BUT please be aware that it will NOT cover DCIS.

Get both maybe. I think that well woman one only covers you if you have over night stays in hospital and no pre existing conditions. I thought about it but the payouts weren’t massive when I looked I to it. I recently found out I was paying for critical illness cover as part of my life insurance and am in the middle of processing a claim. It only covers you for invasive cancers but does cover for all types not just womens ones. Personally I’d just go with critical illness cover.

I had an insurance policy with Wellwoman at the time I was Diagnosed. They paid out a lump sum within 6weeks of my informing them of my illness and I had an income of £500 per month for 12 months, it took a lot of finacial worrys away.
I recommended it to family and friends it certainly made my cancer journey a little less stressful.



I had a left masectomy early Feb this year , for high grade multifocal D.C.I.S , now my husband and I want to go on a short break abroad and I am having difficulty finding reasonable travel insurance , even though I have no invasive cancer , lymph nodes clear etc and no follow on treatmnet. Does anyone know of a good company for short single trip insurance who understands this condition and doesn’t just hear the word cancer and rack up the premium ? Thanks Sunflower 3

Hi, after being diagnoised in 2006 I found travel insurance to be very expensive the first 12 mths post diagnosis, but decreased dramatically year after year after that. All clear and Marks & Spencer I found to be reasonable.

Ive always used Tescos.

Hi, i’m new to this site, i was diagnosed with bc on 6th jan this year, and have since had a mastecomy and reconstruction, and 3 weeks ago had an anc. Because of family history of bc, i took out a policy with well woman, in 2006, this was the best thing i have ever done. It has just paid out this week. I no longer have to worry about being off work, and i can put all my effort into getting over this terrible time. I am seeing my oncologist next week, to discuss further treatment. Hope this helps? Sharon

Pink Insure gave me a good quote for travel insurance; £56 for 3 weeks in South Africa, and I’ve only just finished my treatment.

Iv’e just paid £232 insurance for 2 weeks in Cuba having been turned down by Saga, M&S, Tesco and several others. Iv’e just finshed my treatment - masectomy, node clearance, chemo and radiotherapy. The reason Saga gave for refusing me insurance was that I was travelling to the Caribbean and health care is very expensive. They were happy to insure me to travel to Madeira earlier in the year. That cost me £95 for 1 week. The insurance companies do take advantage.

try Insurepink - they did a great deal for me going to NY. x

Yup I’m going with Insurepink too, quoted £56 for 15 days in Washington DC and NYC. Other companies were quoting me in excess of £200 for the trip,it def pays to shop around.

Sandra x

hi i always use age concern i found that they only put premium up on excess not what you pay i just had family for 3 of us to turkey and i have had cancer dx in may 08 and husband had heart attack 4 5 yrs ago and it only cost us £84 last yr we paid for family of four £124.00 for yr

Just checked Insure Pink for my Cuba trip and it’s £100 less than I paid with first assist - the cost of a wild night out in Havana (Ha Ha)

Just listened to Woman’s Hour and they were talking about a new company who are offering travel insurance for people with breast cancer, they also mentioned that they will cover secondary breast cancer. I have checked the web site and they seem to cover all types of critical illnesses for travel insurance. They are called Insurancewith Hope this helps.

Tess x

I went on holiday to portugal last Sept, insured with company called MIA, very good at £42.

Sharon x

I’ve just got a quote off the insurewith firm tess mentioned… for 2 weeks in europe (exc spain) it was 47.21 - just so you have an idea… i’m 45, got lympodema, one positive node had mx for cancer and also a later risk reducing mx she said europe inc spain would be a couple of pounds more…

Theresa x

Hi so glad I found this thread I have had some ridiculously high quotes for holiday insurance I had never heard of Insurewith or MIA I wanted cover for 9 days Europe incl. Spain, I had mastectomy in December 09, lymph nodes clear and being treated with tamoxifen.
Marks & Spencer quoted £97
MIA - £104.83
Insurewith £55.23. Not sure if Insurepink and Insurewith are the same company though. My age bracket is 55-64 so always a bit dearer once turned 60. Needless to say I have insured with Insurewith.
Asked my BC if it was o.k. to travel and she advised I wore flight socks and excersised my legs on plane as there is an increased risk of blood clots with Tamoxifen. Can anyone tell me if o.k. to sunbathe when on Tamoxifen has anyone ever had a problem with that.

Martini x

Glad you got the insurance all sorted and got a good deal with Insurancewith. Re the sunbathing When I was taking Tamoxifen I did sunbathe but wore my little boys high factor sun cream and I was fine.

Have a great holiday.

Tess x

InsurePink gave me the best quote (and I checked out all the companies recommended by MacMillan) - £90 for four weeks in New Zealand. I couldn’t believe what others were going to charge me - almost £700 from one company. Going online is handy but the forms don’t allow you to explain that you are only going to be staying two hours in the airport in L.A. on the way to N.Z. Fortunately I decided to phone them and when they realised I wasn’t actually staying over in the U.S. (which instantly escalates the price) they immediately dropped the price from £225 to £90. I thought this was very good as I was in between finishing Chemo and starting Herceptin. (We had a great time by the way, esp as our first grandchild was born during our stay!)