intense itching in one breast only and 2 flat lumps

Hi I have ahd benign BD for 15 years. I have just had mamo as have felt two new lumps in other breast and I have had intense itching of nipple and the surrounding area for months now.very worried. can itching be a part of benign breast disease too?
Nigela x

I don’t know Nigela.I had intense itching in my breasts before being diagnosed.When I went to my gp she laughed and said not to worry as it wasn’t a symptom of breast cancer and was probably hormonal as she had put me on hrt for an early menopause.Six months later I felt the lump.I think anything unusual -even itching, should be investigated.You’ve done the right thing and had a mamo - probably and hopefully it’s not bc, but I wish I had gone with my instincts and not my gp’s!

Hi there,

I too had a kind of tingling itching sensation before being diagnosed with DCIS. I have now had the area removed through a WLE and the tingling itching sensation has gone do it must have been the DCIS. I had a kind of thickening not exactly a lump.

Before my diagnosis when I mentioned this symptom I was told not to worry as usually a malignant lump does not itch.

So I guess sometimes it may be a symptom but often it isn’t.

Still best to get it checked out though,b.est of luck and hope everything is okay for you

Love Freddie x

Had Mamo and had results said ok. However the intense itching carries on in the right side. still worried-anyone had mamo and then still found out later all not ok?
Nigela x