Interview - explaining time off

I was made redundant during chemo back in March. Now just beginning to dangle a toe in the water of job hunting. I know redundancy is a legitimate reason for being off and an employer can’t ask health questions before a job is offered, but any tips on discussing this?

Hi Riversidedawn

We have some helpful information regardingBreast cancer and employment. Also, please do give our Support line a call.

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I have been fortunate to have 2 informal interviews recently and I came right out and stated my needs / requirements due to my health. I was lucky in so much that i wasnt actively looking, but felt i could increase working hours. I have just accepted one of the jobs, and start in Jan. I feel they will care and am pleased this is known.

I do appreciate this is not the normal situation, and for me i felt i had.nothing to lose.

Good luck with your hunt x x