Intravenous Vit C

I have ben given some information of IV Infusions of Vit C which are supposed to stop/shrink cancer tumours. I have been on the web and did not learn much. Has anyone any experience of this, tried it or know anyone who had. I am curious to find out

Hi Mills
I dont know about it myself but have read about them in “Icon” magazine which is put out every few months by
“Cancer active”. If you google either of those you should get a number to call for some info or google “Cancer Options” and their web site will come up, they know all about all treatment and research in to alternative and complimentary therapy they will def know.
Good luck and let us know how you get on.
Take care
Dawn X

Hi Mills & Dawn
Haven’t heard about this therapy, but my hospice doc or onc nurse (can’t remember which) told me to go easy on the Vit C, as high doses can have a negative impact on your liver. So I immediately stopped taking Vit C horse-tablets as part of my “rattling with vits & supplements to deal with bone & liver mets” plan, and started eating more oranges instead (but we now hear that fruit might make our chemo less effective – we just can’t win!). Just wanted to flag that up – I’ll be interested in what you find out, Mills.
Marilyn x

Thank you both for that, more investigation needed

I have heard of this and looked into it …

The thing is with these alternative methods are they …arnt a quick fix so you would need to change your whole diet and way of life…

Vitamin C is an anti oxident which can be very benifical to the body but its all about balance and life style changes.
If you are interested I would recommend seeing a Nutritional Specialist…
They are not cheep and the suppliments they recommend cost a lot…

However in saying that I have been doing the food/ suppliment thing for a while now and I do beleive it has made a difference.
I take suppliments and juice and changed my life style (yes and its cost me alot)
I am really well although on chemo I have very very few symptoms and have lots of energy…
Its taken me alot of years trying different things though.

My sister tried to convince me of this treatment. Read a book by Patrick Holford. I can’t remember what it is called - didn’t keep it as thought it quackery. I found it contained very unsubstantiated science and couldn’t find anyone in the UK who carries out vit C injections.



I vaguely (sorry!) remember something about this a little while ago, but I thought what I’d heard related to injecting tumour sites directly with Vit C.

Something tells me I might have read this on the Times, Daily Telegraph or BBC websites, so it could be worth searching those.

Good luck with your hunt for info’



Think it was in the daily mail or express a few weeks ago, they had some prommising results on mouse models.

Here is an article about vit c therapy


I’m sure the Germans give cancer patients this treatment via an injection but have used it for many years.


The link which jennywren has suggested is a good one. The article explains the reported (much hyped) research and emphasises that there is as yet no clinical evidence that intravenous Vit C injections in humans will slow down or cure the progress of cancer.

I think there are some alternative clinics which may offer this unproven treatment.

I think its iscador (mistletoe) which the Germans have used for years, not Vit C. Trials of Iscador are also not conclusive.


I know of many women who have taken Iscador. There are several homeopathic hospitals in the UK who can advise on this.


Thank you all for your comments. Soem research is positive some dubious. Not sure if reaearch on mice relates well to humans. The quest continues

There is indeed a debate about the uefulness of using mouse models and so much research on cancer is on rodents and then has no identifiable benfits for humans.

I read a good article about this somewhere but can’t place it now. Anyone know more about the science of mouse models???


This is my first time on the forum - felt I had to register to give you some feedback re the Vitamin C. I have weekly intravenous vitamin c sessions as well as having chemo (taxotere) and six-weekly bone strengthening drips (zometa). I had 8 radiation sessions prior to the chemo.

I have not done all the research myself but my GP (who is also a registered homeopath) has done extensive research into this and other approaches and my understanding is that the vit c works to kill the cancer (it causes the cells to swell and implode i think). She has had her own personal battles with cancer having lost her partner to cancer in January and is the type of person who will not do anything unless there is proper scientifc evidence.

So far I have had very positive outcomes on my regime.
This time I have bone mets in my spine - T11 and T6. (3rd time round with the cancer adventure). Following a CT scan last week the T6 site, which was the lesser involved area, is now looking great and T11 is showing signs of healing.
I also think that the side effects of the radiation and chemo have been much less than had i not had the vit c. I have the taxotere spread over 2 sessions (day 1 and day 8 of a 15 day cycle) and only once have my blood levels been on the low side. When I had radiation I was booked to have 10 sessions but my oncologist thought that I wouldn’t get passed 8 sessions - at 8 sessions i was still ok. I have not been unduly tired either. Doesn’t mean that I haven’t had the ususal ups and downs but if my experience with chemo last time around was an indicator then this time has not been too bad. At the start of the treatment I did find that I was more aware of pain in my spine when it was a chemo ‘on’ week and I had the vitamin c - but this has subsided now.
I chose not to have vit c on 1 week - just to see if i felt anything different and that week the chemo definitely hit me more.

I do also take other ‘alternative’ things. I live in Cape Town, South Africa and to follow a ‘non-conventional’ approach is not an easy thing here. I decided that I would tell my oncologist what I was doing but I feel as if it is a bit of an uphill battle for them to accept it. I do think that my immune system has held up well.

I’m not sure if this adds more info but I’ll gladly share more info if you want to know anything. I have always tended to the alternative approach and have actively sought out a GP who is also a homeopath. I have a history of not doing well with chemicals (ironic hey?!) Going through the cancer thing for the 3rd time I just decided that I wanted to do what felt right for me and this is what feels the right path for me. Janet

Welcome Janet

I do not believe there is any proper scientifc evidence for homeopathy and there have been many many scientific trials to show this. I agree though that we all do what we feel is right for us when we have cancer.

best wishes


Hi and welcome, Janet. I would be very interested to hear where your GP found her evidence, if you have a chance to let us know?

I am glad you are doing well on your treatment.


I see my GP tomorrow for my next vit c so will check where her info has come from.

I understand we each have our own opinions on what proof we need - whether it’s statistical, scientific etc. I have found that whether it’s in the medical or any other field that statistics can be interpreted many ways. To a certain degree the same holds true for scientific research - and some areas of research just do not receive financial backing and so it appears that there is no validity for them. One of the often quoted phrases we hear here is that no one will get rich out of a vitamin c cure for cancer!
Having said that we have all heard of outlandish ‘cancer cure-alls’ and some of them would seem to be way-out - but that statement is judgemental and that’s a space I am learning to move away from!

I would not dismiss homeopathy out of hand - with or without scientific proof. There are certainly homeopathic remedies that work fantastically to eleviate side effects experienced with alopathic cancer treatment. The same holds true for herbal remedies. To me a true holistic approach to treatment seems a win-win answer and this is an area into which formal scientific research is expanding.

This is a controversial subject!


Hello Mills There is no real evidence for any alternative treatment in the new standard sense, because no-one will do it - and if you were offered a clinical trial of IV vit C versus the standard chemo, would you take it? In the UK, enquiries at the Dove Clinic might prove useful, and there is a doctor in Leicester I believe. I was diagnosed in Feb 2003, and decided on surgery followed by various alternative therapies and supplements, starting off on the Gerson diet. (No chemo, and HER2 pos) Must admit my health has been extremely good, and never better than when I was juicing.

IV Vit C works differently to oral vit C, and the dosage is much higher. Could not afford this myself.

For information, I went on the Gerson diet, together with a lot of supplements including starflower oil for the GLA. Also inject Iscador from time to time. This from the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and continued by my GP. (Lovely man!) The supplements include high doses of various resveratrols and plant extracts.

To JaneRA - very nice to see you still on the boards.

I can say with 100 % absolute certainty that I would take the chemotherapy rather than the vitamin C as my liver secondaries would be getting bigger and bigger whilst having the vitamin C.

No doubt here.