Introducing myself

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October last year. I’ve completed the chemotherapy - 3 cycles of FEC and then 3 cycles of Taxotere - in mid March this year. Surgery was in April, and I will still be on Herceptin until Feb next year.
I am starting radiotherapy at Barts tomorrow. It will be every weekday for 5 weeks. Hopefully it won’t be anything like as bad as chemo.
I actually got off fairly lightly in relation to chemo side effects. I had nausea and vomiting, constipation and diarrhea, hair loss on FEC, plus a bit of breathlessness when going up hill. On taxotere, I had feeling tired, food tasting strange, constipation and diarrhea, dodgy toenails. Nothing like as bad as the long list they gave me at the start.
But I still hated the chemo - I never want to go through that again!
I hope that radiotherapy isn’t a big deal. At least it is only for 5 weeks…

Hi BlueFox

Blimey, the side effects you had on chemo were bad enough. I didn’t get the vomiting, but had the rest. Only had the one session of TAX which had me in hospital with a 38.7c temperature (even though I’d had 3 of the Filgarstrim injections) and my neuts were a big fat zero. My onco put me back on fec straight away. I’m not having radiotherapy for various reasons, but going on to an AI for 5 years (probably Anastrazole). So wishing you good luck for your radio and whatever comes after that.
Poemsgalore xx

Good luck. You’ve had a ride for sure! Hope the radiotherapy goes as well as can be expected. i start radiotherpay soon. See oncologist Tues. I feel like I got a ‘get out of jail free’ card as narrowly avoided chemo - somebody up there looking out for me. Like all the BCC forum ladies out there - Look after yourself.

I was diagnosed in feb what a shock and have had 4 cycles of fec and 1 of docetaxal 3 more to go . I have found this hard as I usually go back to work a few days after but with the first cycle i have been so tired and very achy so not been back for a week so no contact with outside world. hope it gets better next time