invasive breast cancer

Hello everybody really glad i have actually found somewhere that gives me so much information and hopefully take the edge of how confused and alone I feel. I got diagnosed just over a week and half ago and am awaiting surgery week after next. I have left invasive breast cancer and are scheduled to have a lumpectomy and then radiotherapy.

Im reallly worried because the vacuum biopsy experience was terrible - sorry for those who are waiting to have theirs- I must have just been unlucky but have felt really sore and uncomfortable since to the extent that I can’t bear anything touching the breast. I mentioned it to the specialist last week and he said it was down to trauma. 

My GP confused me a bit as he said I wouldn’t be having lymph nodes removed but have been told since that I will be. What exactly is the marker wire please? I am scared after the biopsy :frowning:

If the margins are clear do I need to have radiotherapy?

My mum had a mastectomy at my age 30 years ago and all I can think about is her experience and have been so scared because of this.

Sorry if this is all over but my head is so scrambled.

Love and light to everyone x


Hi Midge63,


I can so relate to what you are saying.  I was diagnosed with IBC, Grade 2/3 last Friday with lumpectomy booked for 20th Oct followed by radiotherapy.  My biopsy wasnt pleasant and I now have a huge black bruise and can feel everything in that area, not sure if I am imagining it…


Although any treatment advised, is only an “offer” and it is up to you (after reading the evidence) to chose what you consent to - I am a midwife btw.


With that said, I am happy to accept the radiotherapy after the lumpectomy - if this goes well.

There is the possibility, after the surgery that the 2mm margin was not met and they go back in to take more tissue, here i have been offered chemo as the appropriate plan.  Added to this is lymph nodes, on ultrasound scan,  doesnt look like they have been affected, but this wont be known until a couple are removed and looked at after…  All so much uncertainty…


As a health care professional & mother, I have to keep the positivity going…  It is draining…









hello midge63, I was diagnose on july 21st with invasive breast cancer and had my lumpectomy (with wire marker), used as the lump could not be felt and wire inserted to locate for surgeon. I had 2 nodes removed which is normal routine as far as I know. Operation went well and wound/scar healed well.  My results were god, lump removd with clear margins and no node involvement. I have my 11th of 19th radiotherapy tomorrow. They all say its an insurance policy and I am content with that. Please know the lumpectomy was fine and yu will be too. Take care and we are all in this for each other. xxxMARY


Hi Midge63, I had a lumpectomy in March and then a re-excision due to unclear margins a couple of weeks later. I have been very lucky in that I haven’t suffered too much with the pain. The biopsy was fine, just a small bruise, the insertion of the wire marker was ok too, the worst bit was keeping my arm in the same position for time it took them to do it!  Even recovering after having the wound opened up to take more tissue wasn’t too bad either. Some lymph nodes are routinely removed as the presence of cancer cells in them are a good indication of potential spread. I had the radioactive injection the afternoon before my op and had 4 nodes removed as a result, all were clear of cancer thankfully.  I completed my 20 radiotherapy sessions (15 + 5 boosters) back in June and managed to go on a planned holiday to Italy 6 weeks later, I just had to be very careful in the sun.  My breast was very sore after the radiotherapy but healed really quickly considering how much it has been through!  I am still vigilant about moisturing as the skin is probably not in as good condition as it was before.   One thing I would advise you to make sure you do after your op are the exercises you will be given as the removal of the nodes did impact how well I could move my arm afterwards, so I did the excercises 3 times a day and was soon back to full movement.  I can honestly say that it is all just a memory now and my days and nights are no longer filled with thoughts about cancer. At the time I thought my life would never go back to normal but it has done (as much as is possible after a cancer diagnosis anyway), and yours will too.  I wish you all the best and promise you that there is light at the end of the tunnel, you just can’t see it yet!  Take care.  Michelle xx

I hope you have a lovely holiday after your radiotherapy has finished Smiler, it will probably do you good to just take it easy and relax. When I was in Italy the temperature was around 30/32 each day so I wore factor 50 sunscreen  on the top part of my chest that was exposed above my swimwear and actuallly lay a small towel across it if I was sunbathing, I didn’t want to risk damaging my skin any more than had already been done.  I didn’t feel too tired either during or after radiotherapy, the most wearing thing was going to the hospital everyday, and I worked all through it.  I am now on Tamoxifen for the next few years which has a few side effects, but nothing that has really bothered me too much. It probably sounds strange, but I feel incredibly lucky - I found the lump by chance when it was still small and so easier to treat and I dread to think what may have been if I’d ignored it or hadn’t felt it when I did.  I didn’t regularly check myself for lumps, but needless to say, I do now!! Good luck to everyone on this forum going through their treatment now, you will get through it!  Mx

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed on Wednesday. Advised I will be having lumpectomy and radiotherapy but not confirmed yet as my next appointment is Monday… to be honest at moment my head is like mush. I haven’t cried yet … don’t know why. Just feeling lost .