Invasive cancer


I have recently been diagnosed with cancer. Today iam quite emotional, just saying that out loud and I burst into tears!

I am really finding the waiting to start treatment hard. I had the diagnosis on 10 April and  having a MRI scan on Wednesday and if that is ok I am pencilled in for surgery on 10 May.  Thing is I had a letter that I have to go for NM sentinel node probe localisation on 10 may. 

Does anyone know what this is and does that mean surgery will be delayed?

Thank you


Hi Katee,

Sorry you find yourself here & a warm welcome anyway. We’ve all been where you are now & getting diagnosed is one helluva shock.

Once diagnosed, there are often further investigations which although stressful & hard to go through, is essential to get the right treatment plan for you. The early days of diagnosis are very stressful, so what you’re feeling is quite normal.

Yes, we all have the sentinel node localisation just prior to surgery. This is to identify the nodes nearest the tumour, which the surgeon will remove to check for any spread. Its also called a sentinel node biopsy. 

Honestly, this stage does pass & we generally feel better when the treatment plan is confirmed & treatment starts.

There’s loads of support here, so do come & chat or vent whenever you need to 

ann x

Hi Kaylee.

welcome to this amazingly supportive group and sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I too have been diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. I totally related to your emotional response to the diagnosis. Like you I have days where I feel very emotional but am finding that I am now having good days. I am due to have lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy on 9th May so we are due surgery at a similar time. I think what I’ve found difficult is the wait since diagnosis to treatment (I too received my diagnosis on 10th April).

I wish you well in your treatment and am happy to chat if you need too. I started a May 19 surgery chat in the treatment/surgery section of forum  so those of us going through this in May can support each other.

Take care for now 

Mel x



I think different hospitals have different names for this procedure.  Basically they inject a dye as part of the op to remove the tumour, this is to check that the lymph nodes are clear.  I actually had a small injection the day before my op which was a clear fluid, they put a tiny sticker on so that it was clear where on the nipple it was injected and then as part of the lumpectomy the next day they injected the blue dye whilst I was asleep and apparently that is how they can tell if the lymph nodes are clear.