Invasive lobular breast cancer

Hi all,
I was told on 23rd march that I have breast cancer and after scan, mammograms and biopsy results I was told last week that it is invasive lobular cancer and the mass is at least 6cm. Also it is oestrogen positive.

They believe it is grade 2 but unable to give stage/ size etc until I have an MRI, I have this today and also a CT scan for neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis! I am pleased they are doing a thorough MOT before they decide treatment options but I am so worried that they suspect it has spread elsewhere!

I am trying to be positive and I’m sure it has not spread but I am panicking!

Any advice or anyone who has got/had what I have would be so welcome ?
Thanks for reading!
Beth x


i have the same had mri which showed more bits the same mastectomy due, i did not have the ct etc as you have been offered which sounds like they are covering all aspects for you…every case is different and if the one part may offer different treatment. They have told me that it goes spider like as it grows and this is the problem with this type…have they seen anything on lymph nodes?..mine look ok at the moment but as cant get to each bit mastectomy planned

hope you ok.keep strong xxx

Hi Beth,

Welcome to the forum, although, of course, you would rather not be here.

There’s no getting away from the anxiety in the early days of diagnosis, so what you’really feeling is quite normal. 

Although it is so stressful to go through, it is good there are being so through in getting you the best treatment plan. 

There are ladies on here, with a diagnosis similar to yours & having additional scans is not unusual. It can also feel a lot more reassuring this has been done, when you are further down the line. 

Do come on here & chat whenever you need to & do look at the other threads where there are others going through similar stages when you start treatment. 

ann x

Beth- any more news for you?

Thanks for your replies, really kind of you! I’ve had my MRI and CT scan now waiting for my appointment which is on the 20th. It seems such a long time to wait, I know it will all seem better once I’ve got a treatment plan but it’s hard sometimes to try and carry on as “normal”. My children are on half term so they are keeping me occupied and I know I have to keep it together for them.
Thanks again x
Beth xx

Hello ladies,


I’m a lobular lady too, although mine was way back in 2013. Just popping In to give you some encouragement for whatever treatment lies ahead for you. I had reported clear nodes, although there were some isolated cancer cells found in one of my sentinel nodes. Due to this I went on to have 6XFEC chemo and 15 sessions of rads with 3 booster sessions added on at the end. I tolerated chemo really well with minimal side effects and although I lost my hair for a short while, it’s grown back thicker than ever! I finished active treatment in October 2014 and have been on tamoxifen since August 2014. I can honestly say that cancer is no longer the first thing I think about in the morning nor last thing at night. I am getting on with and enjoying my life again and am back doing all the things I did prior to diagnosis. I do consider myself lucky, but just want to let you know that there is light at the end of that tunnel. Wishing you all the success in the world with whichever treatment plan is recommended for you. Take care Ann X X 

Hi Ann, it is great to hear from someone who has gone through the same diagnosis. I have been told by my BCN that they tend to throw everything at someone of my age (40) so I am expecting the whole works! Lots going round in my head, I’ve been looking at wigs, hats, scarves etc in the early hours when I can’t sleep. Also different chemo/radiation treatments, side effects etc! The things you look at and think about when your household is fast asleep!
Thanks again for your messages x
Beth xx

Hi Mai,
Thanks for your reply, it seems that lobular isn’t as common. I did find it difficult to find other peoples success stories that have the same as we do. I had my scan results last Thursday and thankfully there were no surprises, my tumour is approx 6cm and I am due to have a mastectomy next Wednesday. I will have chemotherapy and possibly radiotherapy too. My breast nurse and consultant have said that they will throw it all at me due to my age (40). I am having a sentinel node biopsy at the same time as my op to check the nodes. I will have to have hormone therapy aswell.
I do feel better now I have an idea of the treatment plan, however I am worried about the op and how I will feel emotionally about it all but I am prepared to do what I can to get through it all and give myself the best chance of getting rid of it and reducing the chance of it coming back.
I have 2 children aged 10 and 7 years and they have been truly amazing! My hubby has been my rock aswell as family and friends, I hope you have good support around you too.
Please keep in touch, this forum has been so helpful for me and the members are so lovely and supportive.
Take care.
Beth xx

Hope all goes well with you and try not to assume the worst as they are probably testing to rule things out.
Take care xx