invasive lobular breast cancer


I have just been diagnosed with lobular breast cancer grade 2 have 2 lumps one 24mm and one 17mm, I am a little in shock but more relieved that i at least know now what i am dealing with, the fear before was horrendous even though i knew what the diagnosis would be, it is good to at least know what it is and what grade even though i don’t know yet what stage. i had a mammogram, ultra sound and then 2 biopsies, after finding a thickening in my right breast. 


I have been advised to have a mastectomy because of having two in the same breast. can anyone tell me what happens next and what the likely prognosis is


Many thanks

Hi lady baguette, 


I have just recently been diagnosed too. Usually the next steps will be a CT scan, bone scan, MRI and blood tests. This will provide the Dr with more visuals, especially to ensure that they will give you the right treatment. Once, all of your results are back, you should attend another appointment to let you know your treatment plan. 


Let us know hos it goes xxx

Hi Ladybaguette,  sorry you find yourself here.  It really is the most anxious time after diagnosis and there is a lot of infomation which is quite alien to you.  I responded a couple of days ago but due to problems with current site upgrades the posting didn’t work.  The biopsy results should give you an indication of the receptors which you have and these can be hormone positive, HER2 positive or both (known as triple positive) or none of these (known as triple negative).  This will determine your treatment plan.  You may also be given chemotherapy, depending on your score.  Have you been advised on this yet?  From biopsy to treatment is usually 4-6 weeks.  Here is my story which talks you through each step with lots of useful information at each step

Once your treatment has been decided you can chat with others going through the same on the “going through treatment” thread on this site.  I found this really helpful.  xx