Invisible lesbians in Breakthrough Breast Cancer research

Hello eveyone,

just to let you know I’ve been participating in Breakthrough BC research since before my diagnosis. They send regular questionnaires about a wide range of issues. They often ask about relationships or close family , bereavement etc. I have twice previously to this weekend asked them to include civil partner or same sex partner in their option choices for describing our relationships. They always say there is no space. Anyway I got another questionnaire this weekend - we are still invisible. So I have now made a formal complaint.

They asked a question this time which just used

…husband or long term partner…

So I have just asked them to change it to husband or long term / civil partner.

If you want me to express it differently any of you so that it better represents how you describe your relationship please let me know.

I think they may even be in breach of the Equalities Act!


bye for now,


Well fielded, Moorcow. They will need to add wife soon enough!

Yes I’ve felt a discomfort when I say my civil partner and they acknowledge the status by replying oh yes, your friend. I haven’t got the gumption to do battle with the person in front of me.