Is any of you afraid of getting old?

Is any of you afraid of getting old?

Is any of you afraid of getting old? This Elaine’s birthday just passed, I was wondering if there are any ladies on this website who are worried about getting old. Did any of you feel sad when you were 30, 40, 50, 60 or any other milestone.

I am asking because I have just been speaking to my neighbour and he is almost suicidal because he was 50 today!

I did get a bit upset when I became 30, but that was because I was going through a bad divorce. 40 and 50 were never an issue, to me it is just a year older. I am 60 next year and I am sure I won’t be bothered one little bit. It will just be funny saying I am a pensioner!!! I actually think I will like it!!!

It’s better than the alternative, Roz! Like you I wasn’t very happy when I reached 30, no particular reason, unhappy in my job at the time I suppose, just been diagnosed with polyathritus, that sort of thing.

40 - well, I was happy to be that, till I was diagnosed with BC.

I was 46 a week or so before Elaine’s birthday and that didn’t bother me at all. How I feel in another 4 years - let’s hope we’re all still here - I’ll let you know! :o)

Wish your neighbour a Happy Birthday from us and if he’s still moaning tell him how many of us would have liked to have seen 40 let alone 50.

Valerie xxx

50 at the end of this month Hi Roz

When I hit 30 I was a bit concerned as when I was young I thought that by the time you were 30 you had to be where you were aiming to be in life and I wasn’t, the fact that I was not really aiming for anything also made me feel unfulfilled.

40 was fine, just an excuse for a party!

I will be 50 in 3 weeks (due my first Taxotere on that day too, but going to put it off for a week). It’s not bothering me at all. A bit disappointed as we were going to have a big do but shelved that as did not know how I was going to be feeling after 3 lots of FEC. I will be celebrating, probably for 3 days in a row!

I’m just glad to be here. I try not to think about the future too much, just to enjoy the present (and the presents!).

Anita :slight_smile:

Its only a number There’s only one alternative to getting old is’nt there?

I had my first diagnoses of bc when I was 38 so was pleased to reach 40, I did’nt find 50 a big deal, had a recurrence at 58 and I will have made it to 60 on Sunday which sounds so much older, but hey, I will get my pension, free perscriptions and a bus pass so its not all bad and my daughter is expecting our first grandchild in 7 weeks time so at last something to look foreward to.

Best wishes


Boy have we got some parties this month Well thats great to hear that there are a few more parties to be had this month…perfect excuse for a drink or three…lol

Let party on girlies,

Age is just a number…remember your as old as the man you feel…
lol…The one you picked last night roz was drop dead gorgeous but his satchel did give the game away…lol


Three old ladies I’m not frightened of getting old but I am concerned about other people’s reactions - I shall want them to know that I’m still young inside. I thought you all might like the following tale of three old ladies, each aged 100, who are sitting chatting when the subject of death is brought up. (Forgive me if you have heard it before.)

The first old lady says: I would like to die peacefully at home surrounded by my friends and family.

The second old lady says: I would like to die instantly by being flattened by a grand piano dropped from a skyscraper so that I don’t even know that I’m dead.

The third old lady says: I would like to die by being shot in bed

The first two old ladies gasp in horror.

The third old lady continues: …by my young lover’s jealous wife.

Loved it Sue That is my sense of humour, especially as I married a toy boy 10 years younger than me - trouble is he has aged so much since I married him - bless him!

Anyway, I just want to say I have read your profile and I admire you for doing what you are regarding the negligence with your cancer. Has anything been resolved or is the case still pending.

I’m very new to the website so am just trying to work my way around the site and everyone on it.

Hi Roz Hi Roz,

Glad you enjoyed the joke - it’s the one I always tell if anyone looks morbid.

My local NHS Trust has indicated that they would like to settle out of court and because the whole thing has taken so long they have recently (last week actually) paid me an interim payment as a gesture of goodwill.

I won’t get a great deal of money because luckily the effect of the delay on my prognosis, although significant, did not bring my 10 year survival prognosis to below 50%

It’s taken four years since informing the Trust of legal procedings to get to this stage partly because expert witnesses have to be commissioned one after another and partly because it’s like a giant chess game with no time limit. The average time for cases like this to be resolved is five years which is ridiculous.

There are no winners in this. The Trust has not offered an apology or explanation and has certaintly not admitted responsibility even though they didn’t lodge a defence with the courts. However I feel that I have made a very strong point and shall use the money for an exciting holiday that I wouldn’t otherwise have taken.

Thanks for asking.

Best wishes,


Good for you Sue And thanks for going to the trouble to tell me the story.

I could have sued the hospital about 10 years ago when I had a mastectomy, but I was so ill that I could never have stood going to court and you never win seem to win against the medical staff.

I wanted it removed from under, but the surgeon did not take xrays and when he came to do it they had to quickly close me up as the womb wall was too big to pull through, and also the anaethetist did not do his job properly and oxygen was not going through properly. Anyway I recovered and I just got on with my life.

Then last year when I went for the brain op, I landed up having a tracheoctomy, even though I had told the neuro surgeon that I had a problem with my throat. They inspected the throat and said it was ok to begin with but under anaesthetic it seized up. So not only did I come round not knowing how I was, I also had tubes right through my throat - boy that was scary.

I must admit though, my neuro surgeon really knew his job. It is a year ago next week that I went in for my operation, with a big malignant tumour in the back of my head, I couldn’t stand up properly, or hold a knife and fork or put a cup to my mouth, but I am raring to go one year later…marvellous what the body can do.

Sorry if I have bored you, I got a bit carried away!!

Actually ROZ I’m frightened of NOT getting old…sure theirs alot who feel like me!!!

karen x

I agree with Karen would love to know for certain that I’m going to get there.

Lisa xxx

Now now Karen… What has happened to our positive thinking??? ha ha We ARE going to get old!!! I am determined to be one of those old biddies in a wheelchair using my stick to shove everyone aside! ha ha. And to be able to do what I want and everyone will let me as they think I am senile - but I won’t be!!!

old age i fully intend to get really old and cantancerous!!! and push into queues in the supermarket like the dear old biddy did to me today!!! love lynn x

that was me Age is just a number…your as old as you feel, even tho sometimes feel 105 years old with aches and pains, anyway who cares lets live life to the full whatever our ages are.


PS That was me next to you today LYN…lol

Now now Karen… Where’s your positivity??? ha ha…well I’ve been dealt the big C twice now and I am definitely going to grow old to be a cantankerous old fart! I’m never giving up on this life of mine! I want to demand things and get everyone to run around for me, I’ve done enough for everyone around me so they can look after me when I am old.

So I am DEFINITELY staying positive and going to live a long life! Exactly one year ago today I was diagnosed with a large malignant tumour on the brain and almost died…I am back and raring to go!

I know Roz sometimes not quite so able to be positive as I want to be…but you certainly are an inspiration to us all.

karen x

I know Roz sometimes not quite so able to be positive as I want to be…but you certainly are an inspiration to us all.

karen x