Is anyone due to start their chemo soon?


Wondered if anyone has posted about starting their chemo this month? I start the Avastin clinical trial in London this week - is anyone else taking part? The first chemo session is docetaxil (is this the Tax everyone refers to?) and Avastin on Thursday and thought I’d get some pearls of wisdom from you ladies on this wonderful site. Must admit, not used to the lingo and find the code a bit confusing! Dare say I will soon be fluent!

I have primary BC in one boob plus quite a few nodes and have been recommended chemo (3 x docetaxil plus 3 x FEC), possible mastectomy then rads. Was due to start last week but had eye infection then virus. Not a great start! I’m worried sick about getting infections. Does it happen quite a bit, does one disinfect everything etc.

Thank you!

The Happy Carrot!

Hi Happy Carrot
There is a thread “starting Chemo in Sept” why not join us. To be honest I have no pearls of wisdom as i to am starting on 6th Sept. I am having 4 x AC then 4 x Pax following by Rad and Tax (Tax is a tablet I think you take for 5 years for those of us that haven’t started going through the chang yet)If you look t the glossary section on the beast cancer website then they give you a lot of detail about the abbreviated treatments. I’ve already had a mastectomy and reconstruction but might have to have another reconstruction if the rads damage the breast but worth it for 18 months to have a boob back! Good luck and keep in touch Ginge xx

Hi yes the tax is deocatacal you will soon pick it up I’m Beeing treated at the Marsden I’ve already done 3 fec 2 tax there are a few on avastin on here so they can help gd luck

Hi Laura64 and Ginge23,

Thank you very much for your replies,interesting to hear about your experiences or soon to be experiences in other centres. Had my first today and I freaked a bit at first thinking I was allergic…probably a mild panic attack but calmed down and got on with it. So unlike me but I don’t like anything going into me that’s unnatural. I met some lovely ladies in too and we chatted and laughed so it has been fab to see such positivity with people who have been through a lot already. I totally admire them. As I sat there I realised it was good to slow down and sit and do nothing for a few hours, read, write and not feel guilty about it! Also that this shared experience with complete strangers has made me so appreciate other people and you can feel the love. Lived in London for 10 years and the ‘personal space’ issue had grown on me more than I realised! Thanks to the steroids I’ve been quite lively and chipper, haven’t noticed anything except bit of low back soreness, not even pain and feeling a bit fuzzed and the head a bit thick (but not in my normal way hee hee). Also, as you can see, yapping twenty to the dozen! I’ll check the glossary Ginge 23 and get back to you when I know more. Laura64, I hope everything goes great for your - will it be last? – cycle. Lots of love to you both…xxx