is anyone else allergic to the blue dye

because i had a bad reaction to hair dye years ago they have decided not to use the blue dye for the sentinel node biopsy any one else relate to this
i was only told i had cancer yesterday so all these terms mean nothing to me


I didn’t know that the blue dye for the SNB could have a bad effect on anyone - never heard of this before. The blue dye only helps the surgeon find the main lymph nodes, it’s the radioactive injection and the scanning on the day before the op that is the main thing they use to find them.

i was told that there could be possible side effects, including allergic reactions, and staying blue forever, but was reassured that this risk is miniscule

Sorry to hear you’;ve joined us … my surgeon didn’t use the blue dye as he said it can cause anaphylaxis - I’m anaphylactic to various foods etc so he said he wouldn’t risk it

Yes I did have a reaction to the blue dye used in the SNB, but it was just an intolerance rather than a more serious allergic reaction. I was told in recovery that my face was blue and they gave me anti-histamines which slowed my recovery down (last one out of day surgery!). When I got dressed I realised that I was blotchy with purple/blue patches.

All the blotches went away quite quickly but the skin where they had injected it was blue until it was removed. The Plastic Surgeon told me that the skin would still be blue if I had gone for immediate reconstruction.
Aparrently its a reaction which isn’t unheard of but not common enough to tell you as a matter of course.

Oh lord, that’s something else to add to my worry list! I’m full of allergies and have ultrasensitive skin. Now I have to look forward to turning blue too!

Pls try not to worry - my surgeon decided to do the “old fashioned method” and removed a number of nodes instead. So no blue dye and no allergic reaction. Make sure you ask questions about anything that’s worrying you.

Apparently they’re making a comeback, so I could always try my hand at showbusiness! (Blue … groan!).

I had SNB on 1st April this year and was given a lot of info about being blue. We all ended up laughing (of all things at a time like that) that I would be radioactive and blue and the op was April Fools Day!!My surgeon laughed that he needed to warn my husband as I might look like I was about to peg it!!! I did, I scared the nurse as very blue she said and still blue round the eyes the next day. Dark blue blood in the drain - had a lot of ‘princess’ jokes after that. My breast was really dark bright blue and I am still blue now but much fainter. After surgery the whole boob was totally dark blue and quite a shock when I looked down my PJs as only covered on a thin clear dressing. This cleared rapidly leaving a 2 inch circle of blue where it was injected, while I was asleep. I was warned there was a very small risk of a reaction but they were always ready for it. Also that my son is allergic to cobalt blue but they said still fine and it was. If it helps them find the sentinel even easier it is worth it. When we were discussing scars my friends, who also have BC and had surgery, were amazed that my armpit scar is only an inch long and very discrete. That is the big bonus of that type of surgery if your dx permits it and full movement back in the arm in 10 days.
Lots of luck
Lily smurf