Is anyone else dreading – October – “Breast Cancer Awareness

Is anyone else dreading – October – “Breast Cancer Awareness

Is anyone else dreading – October – “Breast Cancer Awareness Or I am the only one ! ? I dread the arrival of October, together with all the publications ‘doing their bit’. I know we have to continue to raise awareness, but I think that everyone is more than aware now. I find it really upsetting to pick up practically every magazine and find articles where women have “won their fight with breast cancer, “battling on with or even worse “lost their fight with breast cancer. I love to read magazines – to take me out of myself – not to be constantly reminded of something I am trying to put to the back of my mind. I find it very distressing and depressing to reminded all through October of the uncertainty of breast cancer returning – just when I think I have got my negative feelings under control. What do you think ladies?


Yes - I agree!!! Hi Lindap

You have echoed what I have thought for a while. By coincidence, earlier today as I was arguing with a 14 year old boy who was determined NOT to follow my classroom rules (and again with two 13 year olds about an hour ago!), I remembered that it is exactly 3 years ago today that I was diagnosed. After mastectomy, chemo, rads, TRAM recon and nipple recon… all I want to do is get on with my life! Even if that does include arguing the toss with recalcitrant teenagers, it is all part and parcel of my normal life. To be faced with constant barrages from the media gets a little wearing and I find myself turning off or turning the page to escape it. I will never forget that it all happened but at the same time try not to let it impinge on my enjoyment of the rest of my life.

What I shall do throughout October is celebrate - my birthday, half-term holiday and anything else I can think of! Ably assisted by a couple or 3 G & Ts!


me too looking forward to it like a hole in the head, as they say

Hi Linda,
I was only diagnosed in march this year so previous Breast Cancer Awareness months have not been so personal. I know the articles in magazines can be annoying and sometimes very misleading with their choice of terminology but it’s good to have a high level of awareness. It’s good for fundraising for vital research and also to encourage people to examine themselves and take up screening.
A friend of mine was diagnosed with bc 5 1/2 years ago but developed secondaries after 2 years and died 2 years ago leaving a husband and 4 children aged 10 - 17. Since her diagnosis research has lead to improved treatments and survival rates are improving. This can only be a good thing in my opinion, but I understand that others don’t feel as I do about “pink month”!
Take care
Claire x

Hello Linda,

Yes, oh yes. I am also dreading the arrival of October - last October I was first diagnosed.

I get really down and fed up when I buy a paper or mag and find that I am reading about someone who has lost their fight against bc-the paper or mag ends up unread and in the bin. And I have to pick myself up again!

I still have rads to go but I am determined that one day I will write an article about someone who is still living with bc and getting on with it. There don’t seem to be many articles around about those people.

We are all in this together.


Yep, sick of it!
I was in hospital following mastectomy and recon last year, and had it up to HERE!!
If I see pink on any mag, I’ll steer clear.
x Helen


tend to agree with you, i know that we need awareness, fund raising etc, but now that its happened to me i don’t want to read about it all the time

i find it hard because my kids see the all the publicity too and i don’t want them to be fully aware of all the c—p that comes with it, they seem to be coping with whats happening to me, but seeing it everywhere is hard

lov susanne

I don’t want to sound contraversial but… I actually do enjoy all the pink stuff !!

I have been married for 32 years and have 2 sons aged 27 & 29 so have not had much of a pink life !!

It was in December 2000 that I was diagnosed and I have had 6 months of chemo, 2 lots of surgery ending with a mastectomy and 4 weeks of radiotherapy. Last month I finished my 5 years on Tamoxifen and am feeling very positive.

I know that to some of us it is ‘in your face’ too much but think of all the research that can be done with the money raised and how more aware everyone is.

My husband often says it’s such a shame that prostate cancer doesn’t get as much publicity.

I’ll duck now and wait for the replies.

Love Sue

Good for you Gill T That’s how I feel - just get on with life! I see that most of the ladies here agree with us. I just don’t want to hear sad stories of lovely ladies “losing their fight” - as one of the replies here contains. It really brings me down and leaves me feeling uncertain of my future for quite some time. Maybe if the magazines could only print uplifting ‘success’ stories it would be fine - but maybe that’s a bit unrealistic ! Thanks for all your comment ladies.


Hi Linda,
My point about my friend was to highlight the need for money for research and to improve awareness, self examination, uptake of screening and early detection. Yes her death was very sad and untimely but due to advances in treating BC the statistics are improving all the time. This has to be a good thing for us! I’m sorry if it brought you down it wasn’t my intention.

I also think we have to be aware of the possibilities with this disease and the need for vigilance when it comes to our health. So knowing what the signs of secondaries or recurrence could be, however much we hope it doesn’t happen, must also be a good thing. I have read on the secondary forum women saying they wished they’d been informed of what to look out for. So I want to know, but I do appreciate that not everyone feels the same.

Take care
Claire x

Hello Linda I’m not a fan of pink October either but for quite different reasons. I think the whole pink fluff trivialises my illness.

I just get on with my life too - living with secondary breast cancer! Not only is it unrealistic but it is offensive, to all of us living with a secondary diagnosis, to expect us to be excluded (for fear of depressing anyone) from any breast cancer campaigns.

I would like to see more awareness of secondary breast cancer and all that entails.

As someone else LIVING with secondary breast cancer I must apologise for upsetting and depressing people, unfortunately true live stories do not always have happy endings.

It seems to me, and others with mets that everything is very much geared towards those with primary cancer and that we have to be shut away, an embarrassment, a failure in the treatments and I am very saddened to see that the majority of the posts here reinforce that view.

I don’t see pink October as being relevant to me, or anyone else that has already been diagnosed with breast cancer, primary or secondary. Surely it is to educate as many people as possible about the symptoms of bc, how to check yourself etc. Having read this thread perhaps I am wrong, it seems that there is still a great need for education for those already diagnosed too.

Perhaps the lady concerned should change her reading matter, those kind of magazines usuall have the stories in blazing headlines on the front page, easy to avoid if you see the words “cancer” or “death” if only life was as simple.


You should never forget Unfortunately BC can return and can kill - I’m sorry if the thought upsets you but it is true. I don’t like the pink campaign as BC is not a game! But something is needed for all people with BC whether it be primary, reoccurance or mets and even though society wishes that people with mets didn’t exist what do you want us to do - lock ourselves up and throw away the key - just cos we’re “losing the fight” we still need support and have the same rights to life as everyone!

Hi Twinkle,
As I said in before I find the pink thing a bit naff but I don’t think that makes it all bad.
I echo your request for more awareness of secondary breast cancer and hope that I expressed that clearly in my previous post. I don’t think anyone should be excluded because people are uncomfortable with someone’s secondary diagnosis.
Take care.
Claire x

This thread has really upset me…stage 4 women read lots of forums on this site not just the secondary forum. Have you thought about how upsetting your post might be for a stage 4 woman to read? This is why we have campaigned for our own healthy living day…after all we wouldn’t want to depress you.
I’m stage 4 and just getting on with life.

Hi Claire, thanks for your support, you did express it clearly.

Dont remind me. I dont like being reminded of Oct either. I went to my doctor soon as I discovered a lump on 16th Nov but couldnt have a mammograme til 16th Dec because they were so busy after breast awareness month ,also they couldnt fit me in for my op until 11th Jan.I somehow think it would not have spread to my lymphnode if I’d been seen straight away!

Pink month I am another ‘Stage 4’ person who is, believe it or not, living her life.
I don’t like October Breast Awareness month as many don’t because I think the pink theme trivialises BC I must read different magazines because the ones I read are always of people claiming to be ‘all clear’ before they have even finished their treatment.
I think it is wonderful when the all clear ‘buzzer’ is sounded but the reality is that breast cancer does come back and does spread . The attitude of hiding it away is giving out the wrong message as I found out when one of my ex colleagues told me having BC was easy these days - just like having flu!


Agree and dont agree Hi ladies, well i have to say I was diagnosed last September and the hospital warned me not to read any papers and magazines as it would all be ablout breast cancer but i didi read them as I wanted as much info on BC as possible and I knew nothing about it. But i did use to get angry that everyone who they did the articles on were older women I was only 24 when diagnosed and felt very isolated and only reading older womens stories of how they coped or didnt cope made me feel like I was the only young women around who had Bc. So when I was diagnosed I decided that I wanted to be a media volantere for BCC as I wanted to make other young women more breast aware and let other young women know that they are not alone.
Love Clairemm x x x