Is anyone else having TAC chemo??


I had my first TAC chemo yesterday, so far feel a bit achy and mussy headed but nothing much else. Taking all the medication that they have given me for anti sickness and dexamethsone. Just want to hear other peoples experiences and if/ when the side effects kicked in. Apparently TAC is one of the most aggressive types of Chemo, so I just want to be prepared for the next 5 sessions.

Deb x

Hi Deb, sorry you’re having to go through chemo. I have recently finished 6 courses of TAC, I found it hard going at times but do-able as they say. I think it is often given as Taxotere seperately, then the AC part afterwards, they wouldn’t give it to you as a cocktail unless they thought you were strong enough to cope with it I’m sure. I followed all the advice I could find on here, and listened to my body…if it said it was tired then I slept, sometimes for days but I made the most of the good days between sessions. I usually found the SE kicked in after a couple of days, I think I managed every SE going but got through it, as I’m sure you will. Please ask if you’re not sure about anything, there are lots of people here who can advise and support you, Di x

Hi Di, thanks for the advice, so far only side effects seem to be aching legs, strange taste in my mouth and flushed face and chest.
I think the steroids are keeping me feeling bright and bubbly, which Im not complaining about. I just wish if I was going to get side effects, they would get on with it, and go quickly!
Im having the T.A.C all together, three drugs in one go, along with dexamethasone, ondansatron, metoclopramide, a pegysus injection that I had today, and then a week of antibiotics that start on Saturday. I hate the ’ not being in control’ bit and not knowing when im going to feel unwell, but hey, one down 5 to go!
Thanks for contacting me, and im glad you got through it ok.
Deb x

Hi Deb, have PM’d you.