Is anyone having chemo in Chelmsford Essex?

Is anyone having chemo at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford? It would be nice to have someone to talk to rather than having my treatment not knowing anybody there and feeling anxious.
I’m starting my first treament on wednesday this week.

Hi Bikerbabe,
just to say hi as I live in the Chelmsford area. I started my chemo in May 2008 and finished in November. I finished rads at Colchester on new years eve and am planning to return to work later this month. Do you know about the support group at Rochelle house, as thay are meeting next week? Also a group of us meet up regularly if you fancy meeting socially. We met tonight actually at the Fox and Raven and all went home a lot fatter!!! Well I certainly did. We have new people coming along all the time and all have different BC stories and treatments.
Lots and lots of luck for tomorrow. The first is always the scariest. Make sure you eat and drink a lot on the day and day after too if you can to dampen down the effects. My side effects never hit for 4 days and did not last too long.
Hugs for your first one
Lily x

forgot to say, there is also a Chelmsford thread in the ‘undergoing treatment for BC’ section plus another very new lady who might time well with you.
lily x

Hi Bikerbabe,

Hope you got on okay today with your chemo, it is really stressful I think the not knowing what is going to be happening to you. I can remember it well approx 8 years ago. I had my first lot before the Helen Rolanson Centre opened. The staff there are really good. I remember a really nice man called Roger he was great.

I may be starting more chemo though not sure what is happening yet got to go to clinic tomorrow, but if i do have to have chemo on your days we will get together.

Take care, thinking of you


sorry to hear you might be facing more chemo. Thought you might like to know that Roger is still there. He is often in the office but can usually be dragged out for special requests for him!! I finished chemo in November there.Do you know about the support sessions at Rochelle House? there is one next Wednesday I believe
Best of luck with your treatment

Hi Lily, thanks for letting me know about the support sessions at Rochelle House. I think I should probably know, but where is Rochelle House? I may go there when I can get my head round everything. I saw Prof D yesterday and I am going on this trial xoleda/sunitinib see what happens back on Monday for ECG etc. The reason more treatment is they have just found small tumour on my liver. I have bone mets as well, but hey I am still here after nearly nine years. Take care and may see you during our endless waits in out patients.

Love Debsx

Hi Debs,
Rochelle house is next to The Capio private hospital in Lawn lane, Springfield. I have not been to a meeting before but will try to brave it this time. There are ladies within our group that meets with secondaries too, and I was on a trial for my chemo. I finished chemo in Nov and rads on new years eve. Best of luck with your treatment and just shout when you feel like some company or alternatively use this forum for support. The secondaries section would be a good place to find people who are up to speed on treatment and side effects
Big hugs
Lily x

Hi Bikerbabe, we may meet at somepoint. I had surgery yesterday at Broomfield and go back to C&E Hospital on the 5th for results. Hope your chemo goes well, I am finding every part of this illness such a big deal. Having a baby was so much easier!

I am now resting and doing as I am told, for once, and am enjoying it.

Once I found out what they have in store for me in the chemo.rad department, I will let you know.

Take care and sweetdreams…Sharon