Is anyone here near Llanelli?

Hi, was just wondering if there is anyone here near me?
Nikki xxx

Hi Nikki,I’m on your doorstep!

Josie x

Hi Nikki and Josie

I’m in Bridgend so not too far!

Sinead x

Hello Josie & Sinead! sorry not replied sooner, been a horrid week but got results today, its DCIS and 1 node, thank god! waiting for onc appointment to discuss chemo. im being treated in Prince Phillip, are you too? i like bridgend.
so nice to know theres people close!
Nikki xxx

Hi Nikki,

I’ve only just read your other post so didn’t realise you were waiting for results otherwise i would have wished you good luck!! Anyway I’m really glad it’s better news than you were expecting. I’m 33 and was diagnosed in June 07 so a bit further down the line than you. I’m being treated in Princess of Wales hospital in Bridgend but I’ve had all my surgery in Neath Port Talbot hospital. I’ve just hd my last reconstruction operation which is brilliant and I’m feeling really well.

Let me know how you are getting on


Hi Nikki,I go to the breast clinic at Prince Philip.Who is your doctor? I’ve got a lot of time for Anita Huws. I had my chemo and radio in Singleton.Tilly,I’m glad your reconstruction went well.I haven’t bothered,but then I’m 50…If I were younger I probably wouldn’t hesitate!

Josie xx

hey! my doc is Mr Shariah, hes lovely. im getting so confused running two threads! have posted what onc said on “diagnosed 2nd jan”. my brain is fryed.
glad your ops have gone well Tillybilly, hoping chemo means i dont have Mx just lumpy and nodes.
recon is such a personal choice, but i dont think i could handle being lop sided so id jump at having a boob job! any way, thanks for messages, nik xxx