are there any ladies in the nantwich,woore,stone,newcastle under lyme ares or around who would like to start a cheshire group or meet up one on one??
my name is izzy and i have bc.
have had a mastectomy and immediate reconstruct DIEP flap, 5 weeks ago.
have been advise chemo is required and will be staring down that road soon.
would love to hook up.

come on ladies of cheshire xx

Hi Izzy,
I am in lymm in cheshire, I finished radio in march last year and have just had a breast reduction to balence things out. I am usually in work full time but I am available by email if you need someone to talk to.
Hope your doing ok.
Jano xx

Hi Sparkleybelle and Jano,

I’m in Cheadle so not too far away. I was diagnosed 18 months ago, had MX, Chemo and Radiotherapy and now on Tamoxifen.Don’t know where the time has gone. I’m back at work though on reduced hours to what I used to do but doing fine. It would be nice to get together. The BCC talks at The Nightingale are great to meet people but not sure when the next one is. It could be the Lingerie evening they do, Yikes I’m in it!!xx

Hi everyone, I am in Shropshire though only just as on the border of Cheshire, work in Cheshire, shop and Cheshire but live and go to hosp in Shrops, would love to join anyone who would wanna meet and chat. I live about 10 miles from Nantwich, was there only yesterday enjoying the sunshine! xxx

hi silvershar,terri52,
sounds like we could get a little group together in the nantwich if we get organised ??

I can get to Nantwich easily too[North Shropshire]

And me! I’m still working when I can, so not as flexible as some on dates though.

Diane x

I seem to remember more Cheshire ladies; hope you catch this?

Hi everyone, count me in, rads start 25 July, got morn appts tho - looking for way to get to work from Shrews to Crewe without going via Whit??? maybe just dont work my onc said but sooo need to earn some proper money again! celebrating next WEds 20th it would be chemo day but not any more yipeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! xxxx we can so do this, tho i am still feeling effects, so tired, when will i not be tired? xxxx

Hi Shar
Pleased to see you back with us. I would love to celibrate your NO chemo day! only day I can’t do next week Wednesday! would Tuesday do, I think next week is one of Sparklebelles good weeks and of course anyone else who can make it.

I am technicly in Wales just over the border on both the edge of shropshire and cheshire, Nantwich about 15 - 20 miles from me, Got kids summer hols now though, but not impossible, depending on when the meet is planned, Love to all Jeanette
P.s. Shar glad chemo finally over for you… at long last, hopefully me be finished in just over 3 weeks??? XX

Hi Terri - be so good to see u again and meet up - I think Sparkybelle is trying to arrange something? Im pretty free apart from working part time, but if Nantwich way be good as i pass thr there on way back from work as work in Crewe and of course week comm 25th got my daily rads so free alot them too… J - time will pass and u too will see back of ur last chemo oooohhh feels sooo liberating - cant wait to meet u too, Shar xxxxxxxx

I’m in cheshire too, just south of Knutsford but could get to Nantwich. Finished treatment a year ago but had reconstruction surgery 4 weeks ago so still off work. Also have school hols to work around but may be possible. Would be great to meet up depending on when??
Janey xx

ok girls,
how about friday the 22nd, meet in nantwich market square at 1pm for coffee and a bun -------------

any takers???

sparklybelle/ izzy

I can make that, see you there if its good for all.

well, thats coffee for two at least,
see you there.


I’ll text Shar as I think her rads are mornings so she might beable to make it.

I’m having my final Tax on the Tues - so it’ll depend on how i’m feeling. If OK, I’ll be there.
Diane x

brilliant, looking forward to meeting up.

xxxx izzy