is anyone online now?

hi, was wondering if there was anyone online, i finished all treatment for triple neg bc is june and just found a hard area/lump in my other breast.
just looking for someone to talk me down off the ceiling really!! i’m sure its nothing but is there anyone awake to tell me so and that im probably premenstrual and freaking out prematurely ?? :slight_smile:

nevermind, im going to try put it to the back of my mind and get some sleep! i can’t do anything now anyway and i’m sure im overreacting slightly :slight_smile:

Hi Peppermintpatty

I’m waiting for the dawn corus as well! Why is it always the night time or at weekends when these things happen, you can be positive about anything if you can do something about it, but at these times you can’t, so problems grow and grow.

You have got every right to be concerned, and you know you have got to get it checked out tomorrow, but in the meantime, have you tried the help line? They talked me off the ceiling one day when everything I had been through came back to haunt me. They are very nice, and will just let you talk if you want to.

Hope this is helping,
lots of hugs

Glad you seam to have got some sleep.

night night


Hi Peppermintpatty

Here is the helpline number in case you want to call this morning as Helfire has suggested, 0808 800 6000. Hope you did manage to get some sleep!

The line is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

Best wishes
Breast Cancer Care

The trouble with the Helpline is that people have the need to talk at midnight! It’s worth going to an American site for a chat at that time of night -

thanks everyone! i did manage to get some sleep, its so true that these things always happen late at night! i think its when our fears come out the most so maybe i tend to think about the bc then and possibly poke and prod when i should be fast asleep :slight_smile:

i got my appointment with my onc moved forward a week so am being seen tomorrow morning. the ‘problem’ is still there, but having got my period today i think it is maybe an overreaction to hormonal swelling, but i’m still getting it checked out but can now calm down a bit.
the waiting game is so tormenting! its so difficult to try and get on with life with such a thing hanging over and i guess learning to deal with these little worrying spots is all part of coping after diagnosis.

thanks again for all your replies, and i will def try out the us sites next time, good thinking phoebe!

p.s helfire, did your dawn come with some light too?

Hi Peppermintpatty,

Glads to hear your appointment has been brought forward.
I totally agree that the waiting is always the worse.
I was proactive recently in getting appointments through. I managed to get my CT scan, results and mastectomy (10 days ago) all done and dusted within 20 days rather than the 6 weeks originally offered at my last check up.

I hope you can get some sleep after your appointment.
Good luck


wow thats impressive!
i wanted a ct scan but wasn’t given one as was told it wouldn’t really benefit me, but i think after this im going to push for something! i feel very worried having had no tests since my mamm before chemo, and have had my counsellor, bc nurse and gp all double checking on my behalf that i dont need further investigation! but i think that in light of my most recent panic, i won’t be able to settle until i have something on paper (or film!) prpving theres nothing else going on right now :slight_smile:

best of luck with your stuff carol and thanks x

Hi peppermintpatty

I have had 2 ct scans as part of the grading procedure. It is to establish whether the cancer has stayed regional or spread in the body. If it had spread they would offer only chemo. As it has stayed regional I was offered surgery. I don’t know why they won’t give you a scan.
Perhaps if I give you a brief outline of my experience at the Nottingham Breast Institute.
Nov 05 I felt a lump in my breast. Within a week I was at the clinic having a biopsy, 2 days later I was told it was cancerous. Small but would need surgery
Dec 05 Lumpectomy and 8 lymph nodes removed.
January 06 Results of surgery Cancer in 1 lymph, grade 3 breast cancer NPI (Prognosis) Score 5.2
February - June 06 FEC Chemo
August 06 Rads x 25
December 06 I Felt another lump in armpit. CT scan later that month. Showed no further spread
Jan 07 Surgery for full anx clearance. Only one lymph affected.
Being triple neg no further treatment recommended.
August 07 I felt another lump in my breast. Biopsied 22.08. results 23.08
I was told it would need to be regraded so CT Scan advised. This was not going to be until end of September because of waiting list. I got the Scan receptionist on my side and phoned every day for a cancellation. I also wrote to the hospital trust. Six days later I had a scan due to a cancellation.
Results showed no further spread so surgery booked for three weeks later 28.09.07.
I still wanted things through quicker and phoned the Consultants secretary and got in the following day (19.09) for surgery due to a cancellation.

I have an appointment on 16.10.07 to find out whether this latest cancer is a regrowth or a new cancer and as to whether I have to have chemo again. I will not be able hurry this along because I know it takes this long to get through pathology in the city. The wait surprisingly is not worrying me as I know the body scan did not pick up the spread. If I need chemo then so be it, I know I will not have to have rads because its never given twice in the same place.
I hope this helps you with the perspective of how others are treated across the country.

Good Luck

Thanks so much for all that carol, you;ve really had a tough time of it!
I’m def going to push for something, as like me you were triple negative, and the lack of continuing treatment can make things really worrisome and having found this new potential lump, i really need to understand more i think.
i still dont get it! i was also grade 3 triple neg with one lymph from full clearance affected, but had a very different approach, not that im complaining but think that there should be some kind of consistency across the country so everyone is treated the same…but thats a whole other cans of worms i guess!!
thanks again, and i wish you the best of luck with your upcoming results, stay as positive as you can be and again i really appreciate you sharing your story. x

Hi Peppermint patty

You sound so much better, glad you got some sleep.

I’m hear again (3.30am), can’t blame anxiety. Have recently finished my rads, so am tired when I go to bed but because I’m drinking more, wake up to go to the loo, then can’t get back to sleep again!

Good luck with the consultant, its the not knowing thats difficult


hi helfire, hope you managed to get some sleep last night! my clock is all over the place too, and as i slept half the afternoon i’m expecting to be up all night again!
i saw my onc, had an ultrasound and was assured it looked normal so am very releived! i won’t entirely push it to the back of my mind tho until it has gone away, which i’ve been assured should happen some time soon.

hope you get some sleep tonight, x x

Brilliant news, peppermintpatty I’m so pleased, I bet it was a huge relief.

Yes I managed to get 2 good nights sleep, hence I am on line throught the day! (feels a bit strange!)

Trying to take it easy as I’m going to a ball on friday. You don’t eat until 7.30, I’m usually yawning my head off by 7.
I’ll be falling asleep before the pudding arrives!

Love Helfire

Hi Peppermintpatty,

I am glad if my story helped you, I never mind sharing notes as it helps me make some kind of sense of all this. I don’t really feel as if I have had it all that tough because after all there is treatment out there.

I am quite a positive thinker and to be honest there have been worse things going on in my life, no dramatics intended, its just that when all three of my children were young they all had to have serious operations, they are all grown up and fine but at the time hell was visited several times!