Is Anyone Taking Part in the ALTTO Trial

I have been selected to take part in the ALLTO Study. This is a study for patients with early stage breast cancer who are HER2 positive.
I am to be randomised fairly soon to see what combination of drug therapy I will be on. It will be either one of 4 regimes: Herceptin & Lapatinib given for 6 months each over a year, or Lapatanib or Herceptin over 52 weeks, or Herceptin and Lapatanib together for 52 weeks.
I would be really interested to hear from anyone who is also taking part and if so at what stage did you start the trial in your treatment plan. You can get more information on this at the ALLTO Study website.

hi there!

I’m on the ALLTO trial too! I had a mx and DIEP recon in March followed by TAC chemo and then rads for 3 weeks.

I started the trial about November and I received the Herceptin only regime.This means I go back to the chemo unit at my hospital every three weeks for an intraveneous drip which takes about half an hour. So far I’ve received 3 doses next due on 20th Jan.

I don’t know about you but I opted for the trial as I believed I would have more regular check ups.I’m not sure if this has been the case but a research nurse has been assigned to me and she has been there for me 24/7 so far and if I need to see my consultant an appointment is not necessary.

As for being happy about this arm of the trial,well yes I think I was a bit dissappointed I didn’t receive Lapatinib but I do remind myself that this is only a trial anyway.I have looked at the ALLTO study website but the more I read the more confused about my decision I was becoming.

well good luck I hope all goes well,let me know how you get on Jen x

Thank you for replying, it;s nice to hear from someone who is already on the study. Would you mind if I asked a few more questions ?
I had 6 sessions of FEC chemo followed by 25 sessions of rafiotherapy. I started taking Tamoxifen 3 weeks after chemo ended, which was Nov 14th. My radio is due to finish this Wednesday (14th Jan).
I do not know what you mean by TAC chemo or a mix, would you mind explaining this to me and also how long was it from your diagnoses to starting the Study and receiving Herceptin ?
I am due to be randomised week after next and like you would like to be given both Lapatanib and Herceptin. I will let you know.
My breast cancer was diagnosed in June 08 and a stage 2 and one lymph node involved. I have had a mastectomy but not had reconstruction yet as my surgeon at the time said it could delay treatment if I had a reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy. Wish now I had been given more info on this though as I think I would have opted for recon at the same time.

Thanks & All the Best



Hi there - Im on the trial too - thought id go for it in the hope I didnt have to have herceptin!! But lucky me i got the arm which has herceptin and lapatinib. So now I rattle with tablets every morning (4 plus the tamoxifen)

I finished chemo 24th Sept had rads which fininshed in december - started herceptin & lapatinib straight away am having my third cycyle of herceptin this friday.

I’ve had mast - not reconstructed yet wiat til everything finished.

The trial seems ok - more check ups maybe but that cant be a bad thing.

I will say ive developd some allergic reaction this week not sure if its the tablets yet -find out more on friday - cant stop itching.

Hope it goes ok for you