Is booking a holiday a good idea?

Hi everyone
I have just had my 1st taxotere which was pretty rough for me, especially a bad sore mouth. Anyway we are thinking of booking Disneyland in Paris for June when my course of taxotere should be finished. The kids adored it when we went last year. Do you think this is crazy? I have bone mets in the vertebra and have had quite a bit of pain, but thought if I could get a wheelchair it might not be too bad. I just don’t know if I am being too optimistic.

Is it ok to come along to the meet in Grantchester on 29th April?

Hope you are all doing ok xx

Hi Becky…I hope to make Grantchester…and you are most welcome to join us! :slight_smile:

Hi Becky
I hope to be at the Granchester meet and look forward to seeing you. On your holiday - well I went off on a work conference in Malta a month after finishing 8 taxotere. I had streaming eyes, no eyelashes or eyebrows and looked a bit rough but coped with the travel and the stress OK.


Hi Becky,
I’ve just started on weekly taxol and fortnightly Avastin which will be ongoing at the moment but having PET scans every 8 weeks at which point I can have a 2 week break from treatment. I just went ahead last week and booked a holiday to the South of France in May just after the PET scan and my oncologist is fine with it - he didn’t have much choice as I just felt that we would need a holiday desperately. After booking it I just discovered that the Cannes Film festival starts that week so I’m probably not going to be looking very glam for star-spotting but I shall just get some dark sunglasses and a big floppy hat and look mysterious if necessary!! I know one has to be careful in the sun while on chemo but I’m not a big sun-worshipper and am always sensible about it anyway. I think we deserve something to look forward to with what we’re all going through.

Anne x


i hope you come to Grantchester and I look forward to meeting you.

I would say - go ahead with Disneyland Paris plans. I took my two (6 & 8yrs) just about two years ago and we will all remember it as a great time. I think I was just about to start on taxol and it was all fine. Anyway, can tell you more at lunch in Grantchester.


Hi Becky

I too would say go for it. I went to South of France 2 years ago when I was quite ill and I think it did me the world of good.

Also hope to be at Grantchester!


Hi Becky, I would say go for it too. I am due to finish my six rounds of taxotere/avastin mid June, and have booked to go on holiday with my kids mid July. I find that having something to look forward to makes this horrible treatment more bearable.


Go for it - I had a holiday booked at the end of my treatment and it was wonderful to have something to look forward to
We went at half term and it was fantastic
You can hire wheel chairs and mobility scooters so do that rather than get tired
Make sure you rest as much as you can and try not to cram too much in a day
Get yourself an Assisted Access card which is for you and three others. Means you don’t have to queue and you use the disabled entrances for the rides
The Disney land Paris is excellent for giving more information on disabled access
You can get it at City Hall or guest services
Helps a lot!

Thanks everyone, I think we will go for it, you have given me the encouragement I needed!

I’m looking forward to meeting you at Grantchester.

Becky xx

Hi Becky
I am glad you have decided to go on holiday - just deciding to go will give you such a lift and be something to look forward to as a family. I agree with Jools that you should pace yourself and take advantage of all the cards to beat queues etc. I hope to see you at Grantchester.