Is it a period or irregular bleeding????

I wonder if anyone can help?? I finished chemo and rads end of last year and been on tamoxifen since Nov. I hadnt had a period since my 2nd round of chemo at beginning of August but at the beginning of this month had what seemed to be a period which lasted 8 days, I have had what feels like menstrual cramps for over a week now and have now started a period?? again. I am 45 and the oncologist seemed to be under the impression that unlikely for periods to start again which makes me wonder if I need to be concerned with what is happening now or is it just my body readjusting. When does it become irregular bleeding, has anyone else had this happen or am I just worrying unnecessarily?? Can anyone help.

Hi, I don’t have personal experience of this, but have talked this through with my onc - as I’ve just finished chemo and am due to start tamoxifen next week along with rads. She basically told me that it was totally unpredictable - that my periods may stop completely, may stop for a while and restart, or may not have stopped at all (though they seem to have done at the moment). Some women find that if periods continue, they are perfectly regular, for others it’s like being a young teen again, never knowing when or how long… which is a complete pain. I am keen to not see another period, as I was 8/8er+… and my onc is open to discussion about what path to follow should my periods come back - so it would def. be worth making an appointment with your onc to discuss it. The answer doesn’t need necessarily to be as drastic as ovarian oblation - I believe there is an injection (zoladex?) that can suppress periods too.

I don’t think your periods returning is a sign of anything sinister… just sod’s law - tamoxifen suppresses oestregen absorption, but doesn’t stop the body producing it - so sounds like your body may have kick started itself after the chemopause :frowning: I am 42… so not much difference in our age - so what my onc said to me should hold pretty true for you too.

BUT if it’s enough to worry you, then it’s reason enough to phone and make an appointment.

Sophie xxx

Hi nico,

My periods stopped during chemo in Aug 2007 (I was 44) and then in August 2009, completely out of the blue, I had a period. I was very worried about this, so went to get it checked out. Post menopausal bleeding is treated like finding a breast lump - ie most cases are no cause to worry, but because of the few that are serious, you are sent pretty quickly for tests. My tests showed nothing to worry about, and it was put down to tamoxifen that is known to cause occasional bleeding. I have had no problems since.