Is it a primary or recurrence?/triple neg

Just a thought after reading that olivia07 has had a recurrence after 17 years !! As this is such a long time between is it classed as a primary , is there a time limit from being a recurrence to being a new primary? How can they tell ?
Also had another thought ;
If you are triple negative, if your cancer returns is it more likly to come back (mutated) as a hormone responsive cancer or does it normally come back still negative? wouldnt it be better to still treat triple neg ladies with tamoxifen etc to hopefully prevent mutation and cancer returning?
Maybe i have too much time on my hands and should get some housework done instead of thinking!

Like It, just seen your message as i was about to log off and would like to answer but to tired now, and me the computer and a bottle of red(just finished) ready for bed. will get back on this one

pineapple - yes it is still classed as a second primary. It was in the same breast quite near the original. There is no time limit - BC has a mind of its own. You cannot have rads twice to the same breast so am just on Arimidex for 5 years and tolerating it pretty well. Enjoy the chores!

I have been told that though hormone receptive cnacers sometimes recur as negative, it is very unusual indeed for hormone negtaive tumours to recur as positive. I was triple negative at diagnosis and at regional recurrence.


Thanks everyone, Jane just wondering about the triple neg thing that if these often came back as hormone receptive then why do they not give hormon treatments to triple neg’s to help prevent that reoccurance. Must get some house- work done!!!